Lafayette, Louisiana: Content Link Roundup for TBEX North America Fall 2022

Whether you were greeted by all the pageantry of a giant TABASCO bottle, Mardi Gras beads touting Carnival dates to come, big smiling faces and that new airport smell or quietly ushered in by cypress trees, swaying gently in the warm Louisiana breeze while keeping protective watch over a diverse and ambitious Downtown Lafayette, you were sure to have felt welcomed by our hosts of TBEX North America Fall 2022.

Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana under the Cypress trees

Like any good southern grandma, Lafayette made sure we learned our history, respected our elders, their stories and their heritage, came away with a healthy respect for Mother Nature, and most-assuredly never let us go to bed hungry!

Did you ride an airboat for the first time, see an Alligator in its natural habitat, discover an interest in Zydeco music you never knew you had or, heck, did you witness a festival opened by cutting a boudin sausage instead of a ribbon?! We want to read about it, watch a video about it, or listen to your podcast!

The cutting of the boudin to open Festivals Acadiens et Creoles

Simply, we want to hear your stories about TBEX North America Fall 2022. Stories about the conference, breakout sessions, an evening event, Pre-BEX tour, FAM trip, or anything you learned that really made an impression on you; we want it all. Whether they’re stories about people you met, deep connections you weren’t expecting to find, a partnership you arranged, or inspiration you found for a new endeavor, please share the content you created for #TBEXLafayette or #LafayetteTravel as a result of your experiences.

Sponsors, TrovaTrip, in the Sponsor Showcase

We’ll collect your stories from the Facebook group, Twitter feeds, and comments in this blogpost. If you’re sharing in the comments here, please include links to your posts.  Your stories and blogposts are important, and we’re collecting everything we receive from our attendees with our hosts, partners, and future TBEX hosts.

INSTRUCTIONS – Link Round Up for TBEX North America Fall 2022:

Submit your story and link only once. Our site is consistently moderated, but please understand that it may take up to a couple of weeks for your story to appear.

Only submit stories related to your attendance at TBEX North America Fall 2022, participation in the events, and your time spent exploring Lafayette and post-FAM destinations. Please do not submit previously published work from other TBEX conferences or personal travels.

Please make sure you include your story title, your name and/or blog name as well as a link to the story.

Keep in mind our hosts want to know about your experiences as a way for them to prepare reports and analysis of the benefit of hosting TBEX and the content which comes out of this event. Please help us send them this information by including your stories – whether you write them now, next week, next month, or six months from now.

We will accept blog posts, videos, photography, podcasts, stories etc. in the Link Roundup for TBEX North America Fall 2022. All forms of content and storytelling are welcome!

TBEX North America Fall 2022 Lafayette, Louisiana Link Roundup:

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