Link Round Up For TBEX North America 2017 in Huntsville, Alabama

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TBEX North America 2017 Link Roundup

TBEX North America 2017 Blog Roundup

We’ve got stories, and we’re sharing them here in the TBEX North America 2017 Link Round Up. Because we gathered in Huntsville where music is moral law, and space … both inner and outer … is sacred. We bicycled the streets of the city, connected over craft beers, and dined on modern interpretations of delicious southern cuisine. We indulged ourselves in Huntsville’s quintessential southern charm, and quickly realized that this 199 year-old belle of the south has a history that’s as unique and captivating as the people who call it home. Yes, we descended on the Rocket City, channeled our inner ‘astronaut’ at Space Camp … and discovered that #ItIsRocketScience after all! And we found that one of the most intellectual and scientific cities in the country is teeming with artistic ingenuity that weaves through its alleys, avenues and architecture.

Saturn V Rocket, US Space & Rocket Center

We learned valuable information for mastering our preferred media and publishing platforms. We discovered proven methods for honing our craft and strengthening our brand. We gleaned advice and techniques from industry experts for capitalizing on a sound business strategy. That’s what brings bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to TBEX, and what keeps them coming back time after time.

TBEX North America 2017, Huntsville AL

But most importantly, TBEX is about the people. People like you.

We want to hear your story about TBEX North America 2017. Whether it’s a story about the conference, the breakout sessions, a party, or what you learned that is changing how you work and grow. Whether it’s a story about someone you met, a business deal you arranged, or an idea you have for a new project. Whether it’s an experience from a pre-bex activity, a post-bex FAM trip, or whether you connected something about Huntsville to the ongoing narrative of your personal travels. Please share the content you created for #tbex and #iHeartHSV as a result of your experiences with TBEX North America 2017.

Please leave your name, the link, and the title of your story in the comments box below.  We will add your story here and share the collection we receive with our hosts and their partners.


  • Submit your story and link only once. This service is moderated and it may take a couple of days for your story to appear.
  • Only submit stories related to your attendance at TBEX North America 2017, participation in the events, and your time spent exploring Huntsville. Do not submit previously published work.
  • Please make sure you include a). the title of your story; b). your name and/or blog name; c). the link to your story.
  • Please take in mind that our hosts want to know about your experiences as a way for them to prepare reports and analysis of the benefit of hosting TBEX and the content that comes out of it. Please help us send them clips by including your story – whether you write it now, next week, next month, or a year from now. We all know that our experiences have a way of creeping into many of our stories.
  • We want stories, videos, photography, podcasts, etc. All forms of content and storytelling are welcome.

AM Booth's Lumberyard, Huntsville

Shared Stories on Our TBEX North America Link Round Up

1. Huntsville Botanical Garden
Kellee Mayfield, Delta Moxie

2. TBEX Conference Starts Today, Visiting Blogger Looks Forward to Exploring Huntsville
Kerwin McKenzie

3. 5 Awesome Things to Do in Huntsville All Year Round
Chris Boothman, A Brit And A Southerner

4. Unclaimed Baggage Center- You Never Know What You’ll Find!
Vicki Winters, The Vicki Winters Show

5. Choosing Where to Travel: When Ethics, Community Solidarity, and Ambition for Personal Growth Collide
Carol Cain, Girl Gone Travel

6. Racism, Civil Rights and Rebuilding Selma – Reflections From Alabama
Janet Newenham, Journalist on the Run

7. TBEX North America 2017
Todd Hatekayama

8. Unfamiliar Destinations: Montgomery, Alabama USA
Kerwin McKenzie, Unfamiliar Destinations

9. Discovering the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta: Kayaking vs Airboat Ride
Maria Haase, Maria Abroad

10. 3 Civil Rights Lessons from Selma, Alabama
John Morris, Wheelchair Travel

11. Huntsville Botanical Garden – The Green Heart of Rocket City
Ajay Sood, Travelure

12. Unfamiliar Destinations: Huntsville, Alabama USA
Kerwin McKenzie, Unfamiliar Destinations

13. Photography Lessons with TBEX
Sarah Belanger, The Jealous Crumpet

14. Jack Daniels Distillery Tour
Cory Lee, Curb Free

15. Huntsville Leaves Endearing Impression
Mike Shubic, Mike’s Road Trip

16. Five Surprises in Huntsville, Alabama
Valerie Perry, The Road Lots Traveled

17. Studios for 250 Artists in a Mill in Alabama?! Photos Here.
Lillie Marshall, Around The World

18. Huntsville Alabama (aka Rocket City!) with #TBEX
Cancer Road Trip

19. 8 Wheelchair Friendly Places to Visit in Huntsville
Sylvia Longmire, Spin The Globe

20. 5 Awesome Things to Do in Huntsville All Year Round
A Brit And A Southerner

21. What Do Airlines Do With Lost Luggage?
Russell Hannon, Break The Travel Barrier

22. “Fun Things To Do In Huntsville AL”
The Hotflash Packer

23. The First Mardi-Gras: Visiting The Mobile Carnival Museum
Bret Love, Green Global Travel

24. Lessons Learned at my First TBEX
My Geography Lessons

25. Huntsville Ghost Walk
Liz Mays, Eat Move Make

26. Cotton Row Restaurant is a Must When in Huntsville, AL
Nicky Omohundro, Lil Family Adventure

27. TBEX Huntsville, AL-This Week In Travel #221
Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler

28. TBEX-The Travel Blogger’s Conference Podcast
Adam Morris, Aurai Online

29. Jack Daniels Distillery Tour 
Adam Sterling, The Sterling Traveler

30. Should I Travel to Selma? 
Samantha Nelson, Those Crazy Nelsons

31. 3 Civil Rights Lessons from Selma, Alabama 
John Morris,

32. Meet Charlie ‘Tin Man’ Lucas, Who Turns Junk Into Art
John Morris,

33. Huntsville Hiking: Land Trust of North Alabama Three Caves
Lauren Yakiwchuk, Justin Plus Lauren

34. 8 Great Places to Eat in Gulf Shores, Alabama
Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler

35. Huntsville: My Experiences & Reflections 
Justin Plus Lauren

36. TBEX Huntsville: My Reflections + a First-Timers Guide
Ashley Elizabeth Hubbard, A Southern Gypsy’s Adventures

37. How to Spend a Day in Red Bay, Alabama
Liz Mays, Eat Move Make

38. Amazing Rocket City Adventure: Huntsville Botanical Garden 
First 2 Board

39. Visiting Lynchburg, TN (Subtitle: I DO Know Jack!) 
The Hotflash Packer

40. Where to Drink in Huntsville (Coffees and Brews) 
Kaleigh Allen, KK Travels And Eats

41. Huntsville Ghost Walk & Ghost Tour Tips
Liz Mays, Eat Move Make

42. TBEX Huntsville: The Fun Stuff
Andrea Marlowe, Andrea On Vacation

43. Top 6 Interesting Places to Visit in Huntsville
Raulerson Girls Travel

44. Rocket Science at Marshall Space Flight Center
Sahm Reviews

45. Explore More than Space in Huntsville, Alabama
Nicky Omohundro, Little Family Adventure

46. Enjoy an Amazing Tour of Twickenham Historic District
A Brit And A Southerner

47. A Vegan Guide to Huntsville, Alabama
A Southern Gypsy

48. Dismal Canyon-Alabama’s Last Secret Hiding Place
Simply Southern Mom

49. Get Out(Side) And Explore 7 of North Alabama’s Natural Attractions
Southern Hospitality Traveler

50. The Best Travel Hack You’ll Ever Use
Cathy Merrifield, Roar Loud

51. Top 3 Beautiful Things on Twickenham Historic Home Tour
Heather Raulerson, Raulerson Girls Travel

52. 25 Reasons to Visit Florence, Alabama
Deb Schroeder, Traveling Well For Less

53. Experiencing TBEX as a Local
The Jealous Crumpet

54. How to Eat Like a Local When Visiting Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Never Too Old To Travel

55. Civil Rights Institute Birmingham Alabama-Important History Lesson
Vicki Winters, The Vicki Winters Show

56. Space Camp and the Empty Nest
Empty Nestopia

57. Huntsville? HUNTSVILLE! 
No End To The Adventure

58. 9 Types of Travelers Will LOVE Selma-Are You One?
Those Crazy Nelsons

59. Fantastic Finds in Lost Luggage! 
Carley “Wayward” Heyward, Flight of the Educator

60. A First-Timers Guide to TBEX 
Skye Sherman

61. Who Wants to Go To Space Camp? 
The Vicki Winters Show

62. Vintage Games & Lunch 
Pints + Pixels (Pints & Pixels)

63. Unclaimed Baggage Center is an Alabama Treasure Trove 
Max Hartshorne, GoNOMAD

64. Best Restaurants Birmingham, AL-Burgeoning Foodie Scene
Family Focus Blog

65. Newbie Nuggets Gathered at TBEX Huntsville
Heather Raulerson, Raulerson Girls Travel

 66. Swimming With Gators: Exploring the Waters of Mobile, AL by Kayak & Airboat
Maria Haase, Maria Abroad

67. 7 Things the Jack Daniels Distillery Doesn’t Do 
Laura Ostrem, Tuneful Travel

68. Massive Deals at Unclaimed Baggage Center 
Charles McCool, McCool Travel

69. The Top Wheelchair Accessible Attractions in Gulf Shores And Orange Beach 
Curb Free With Cory Lee

70.  Shop Designer Items From Lost Luggage 
Kristi Evans, Travel Love Fashion

71. It’s More Than the Rocket City-Things to do in Huntsville, AL 
Kathy Stafford, The Miles Geek

72. Huntsville Beercation-It’s Like Space Camp But With Beer 
Bryan Richards, The Wandering Gourmand

73. 5 Reasons You Need Huntsville This Summer 
Amanda Menneto, Cupcake N Dreams

74. Attending TBEX as a New Blogger 
Mashon Thomas, Mash Onward

75. Lowe Mill is a Highlight of Huntsville 
Max Hartshorne, Readupoint

Ed & Jenn Coleman, Coleman Concierge

77. Support local at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment in Huntsville, Alabama
Kaylene, Cheers To Traveling

78. Where to Eat in Selma, Alabama for Great Food and Tall Tales
Skye Sherman

79. VIDEO: Roadtrip to Selma, AL 
Samantha Nelson, Those Crazy Nelsons

80. Ave Maria Grotto 
Julie Traveller, Browsing the Atlas

81. On the Corner of Fat & Happy-Restaurants In Mobile, Alabama
Maria Abroad

82. Gulf Shores Alabama Attractions-23 Things to do When You Visit 
Thrifty Momma’s Tips

83. Staying at the Phoenix West II
Thrifty Momma’s Tips

84. Hauntings History & Happenings in Huntsville 
Simply Southern Mom

85. How to Appreciate a Visit to the Huntsville Botanical Garden?
A Brit and a Southerner

86. 12 Out Of This World Destinations in Northern Alabama
Catherine Parker, Carful of Kids

87. NASA Space Camp/Things to Do in Huntsville, Alabama
Catherine Parker, Traveling Mom

88. Dig Deeper Into Alabama Constitution Village 
Raulerson Girls Travel

89. Insider Tour of Marshall Space Flight Center 
Raulerson Girls Travel

90. Molding the Next Generation of Space Fanatics at US Space & Rocket Center 
Raulerson Girls Travel

91. Home 2 Suites Huntsville, Alabama-Home Sweet Home
Thrifty Momma’s Tips

92. Exceptional Gulf Shores Breakfast Restaurants in Alabama 
Thrifty Momma’s Tips

93. Gulf Shores Alabama-23 Things To Do When You Visit
Thrifty Momma’s Tips

94. If You Want to Raise a Rocket Scientists Vacation With Rocket Scientists 
Joani Taylor, 50 Roads

95. Ovenbird Restaurant Birmingham Has No Electricity For Cooking 
The Vicki Winters Show

96. Road Trip to Lynchburg, Tennessee-A Jack Daniels Distillery  Tour
Coleman Concierge

97. Unclaimed Baggage Center-The Coolest Place in Alabama
Passports & Grub

98. Ave Maria Grotto at The St Bernard Abbey 
Howard Kramer, The Complete Pilgrim

99. Unclaimed Baggage And Coming Back Home-Part 1
Elizabeth Thames-BeShears, Lizzy Is Dizzy

100. Unclaimed Baggage And Coming Back Home-Part 2
Elizabeth Thames-BeShears, Lizzy Is Dizzy

101.  Off the Beaten Track-Crooked Creek Civil War Museum 
Julie Traveller, Browsing The Atlas

102. The Unclaimed Baggage Center-Is It Worth The Trip?
Vicki Sheridan Hart (via) 50 Roads

103. Heading to Huntsville-A Rocket City Road Trip
Coleman Concierge

104. Connect to the Von Braun Center at Embassy Suites Huntsville 
Tim Leffel, Hotel Scoop

105. Samantha Is Back! 
Julie Traveller, Browsing the Atlas

106. A Peak Into the Cloistered Life of a Nun
Julie Traveller, Browsing the Atlas

107. Huntsville, Alabama-Empty Nestopia’s Journey to Find a Hidden Gem 
Donna Parker Long, Empty Nestopia

108. Space Camp USA mission is like – US Space And Rocket Center 
Melissa Price, Americanya

109. Things To Do in Huntsville Alabama and Why I’m a Raving Fan 
Anna Marie Jehorek, Pull Over And Let Me Out

110. Huntsville Haiku
Julie Traveller, Browsing the Atlas

111. Deep South Road Trip to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana
Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler

112. Top Destinations in Huntsville, Alabama
Dana Vento

113. Alabama Gulf  Shores Itinerary-Orange Beach Alabama 
Samantha Wei, My Tan Feet

114. 48 Hours in Florence, Alabama
Marcy Gouge via The Miles Geek

115. TBEX And My Surprisingly Awesome Trip to Alabama 
Eric Rosenberg

116. This Man Draws Fictional Maps on People’s Skin-And The Results Are Beautiful!
Lillie Marshall, Teaching Traveling

117. Studios for 250 Artists in a Mill in Alabama?! 
Lillie Marshall, Around the World L

118. Unclaimed Baggage-What You Need To Know
Becci Lynn Edington, Tattling Tourist

119. 12 Family-Friendly Things to Do When You Visit Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Gary House, Never Too Old To Travel

120. 99 Cans of Craft Beer On The Wall
Tim Leffel, Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations Blog

121. Here’s to Beer-6 Stellar Taprooms in Huntsville
Taylor Record, Travel Outlandish

122. You Are Never Too Old For  Space Camp
Bisa Myles, Myles To Travel

123. A  Step Back In Time: Historic Selma, Alabama
Skye Sherman

124. 3 Days In Montgomery, Alabama
Skye Sherman

125. 5 Reasons To Visit Montgomery, Alabama 
Skye Sherman

126. Where To Eat And Drink In Montgomery, Alabama 
Skye Sherman

127. Come For The Cookies-Doubletree Suites By Hilton Huntsville South 
Skye Sherman

128. Racism, Civil Rights And Rebuilding Sema, Alabama 
Janet Newenham via Huffington Post UK

129. Road Trip? Try The Jack Daniels Distillery In Tennessee
Jim Cheney, Penn Live

130. Dismals Canyon – Alabama’s Mystical Glowing Forest
Liz  Mays, Eat Move Make

131. A Day At Space Camp Vlog
Renata Pereira

132. 10 More Fun Things To Do In Huntsville, AL.
Family Travels On A Budget

133. Southern Poverty Law
Browsing The Atlas

134. Huntsville Alabama Out Of  This World Attractions
Thrifty Momma’s Tips

135. Space Camp At The US Space & Rocket Center
Thrifty Momma’s Tips

136. Party Like A Travel Blogger
Browsing The Atlas

137. The Fun Side of Montgomery
Browsing The Atlas

138. Samantha Brown Inspires at TBEX Huntsville
The Vicki Winters Show

139. The Horror of Lynching-Expressed Through Art
Browsing The Atlas

140. Huntsville-A Doorway to the Past and the Future

141. Celebrating 100 Years of Chris’s Hot Dogs
Journalist On The Run

142. Campus No. 805 Part-1

143. Space Camp Vlog-NASA’s Top Activity at US Space & Rocket Center
Renata Pereira

144. This House Was Built Backwards!
Renata Pereira

145. Black Warrior Alert-Tuscaloosa
Ajay Sood, Travelure

146. Tuscaloosa – Roll Tide!
Ajay Sood, Travelure

Visit the Conference tab on our TBEX North America 2017 page for a list of the speakers, any speaker slides that were submitted, a recap of the parties and the conference schedule


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  1. I have, once again, updated two posts about my post #TBEX FAM trip to the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. I returned in Nov. 2019 and added more restaurants and activities. It truly is a beautiful place. I hope the admins. can add these posts to the listing above.

    Good Eats in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama – Go because of the seafood

    The Ultimate Guide to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama @VisitALBeaches

  2. Space Camp is an education camp in Huntsville, Alabama, on the grounds of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center museum at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. It provides residential and educational programs for children and adults on themes such as space exploration, aviation and robotics. I think, it’s worth to visit!

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