TBEX International 2017 Link Roundup

We’ve got stories, and we’re sharing them here in the #tbexjlm Link Round Up. Because we’e explored Jerusalem, the holiest of lands, where we walked in the footsteps of deity. We reveled in The Shuk by day, and a Spectacular like no other by night. We dined on hummus, falafel and shaksuka. We watched the sunrise over ancient city walls from the seat of a bicycle, reveled the the Israeli culture, and found ourselves deeply mystified by its complexity. And we discovered Jerusalem is saturated in layers that when peeled away, provide a boundless supply of stories for the telling.

We learned valuable information for mastering our preferred media and publishing platforms. We discovered proven methods for honing our craft and strengthening our brand. We gleaned advice and techniques from industry experts for capitalizing on a sound business strategy. That’s what brings bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to TBEX, and  what keeps them coming back time after time.

#tbexjlm Case Study, Incon Global Partnership

We also have the results of the TBEX Jerusalem Case Study commissioned by the Jerusalem Convention & Visitors Bureau and conducted by Incon Global Partnership. The 400+ bloggers and influencers who attended #tbexjlm reached MILLIONS of people, inspired the next generation of travelers, and propelled Jerusalem to new levels of tourism success!

But most importantly, TBEX is about the people. People like you.

We want to hear your story about TBEX International 2017. Whether it’s a story about the conference, the breakout sessions, a party, or what you learned that is changing how you work and grow. Whether it’s a story about someone you met, a business deal you arranged, or an idea you have for a new project. Whether it’s an experience from a pre-bex activity, a post-bex FAM trip, or whether you connected something about Jerusalem to the ongoing narrative of your personal travels. Please share the content you created for #tbexjlm as a result of your experiences with TBEX International 2017.

Please leave your name, the link, and the title of your story in the comments box below.  We will add your story here and share the collection we receive with our hosts and their partners.


  • Submit your story and link only once. This service is moderated and it may take a couple of days for your story to appear.
  • Only submit stories related to your attendance at TBEX, participation in the events, and your time spent exploring Jerusalem. Do not submit previously published work.
  • Please make sure you include a). the title of your story; b). your name and/or blog name; c). the link to your story.
  • Please take in mind that our hosts want to know about your experiences as a way for them to prepare reports and analysis of the benefit of hosting TBEX and the content that comes out of it. Please help us send them clips by including your story – whether you write it now, next week, next month, or a year from now. We all know that our experiences have a way of creeping into many of our stories.
  • We want stories, videos, photography, podcasts, etc. All forms of content and storytelling is welcome.

Shared #tbexjlm Stories on Our Link Round Up

Ajay Sood, Travelure

2. “Do Not Die Without Going To Jerusalem”
Ajay Sood, Travelure

3. “Feeling Like Royalty At Hotel King David Jerusalem”
Ajay Sood, Travelure

4. “Out of the way – Jerusalem, Israel”
Wonder Viking

5. “Revisiting Jerusalem at TBEX International”
Karen Warren

6. “Unfamiliar Place: 87. Nazareth, Israel”
Kerwin McKenzie

7. “I Got to Know Food in a Biblical Sense at this Jerusalem Restaurant”

8. “What to Expect From Your First TBEX “
Christopher James Mitchell, Traveling Mitch

9. “Travel Video content is NOT the future, like it was five years ago. It’s here and now!”
Mike Shubic, Mike’s Road Trip

11. “Inspiring Take Aways From TBEX Jerusalem”
Joanna Shebson, Fun In Jerusalem

12. “TBEX Travel Blogger Exchange Conference”
Isabelle Garcia

13. “It takes a City: How Twitter helped change the global perception of Jerusalem #tbexjlm”
Mordecai Holtz, No Holtz Barred

14. “TBEX: A Travel Blogging Conference Part II: The Conference”
The Sporadic Traveller

15. “Planning a trip to Israel”
Soumya Nambiar

16. “Israel’s Exploding Culinary Scene: 10+ Foods You Need To Try”
Sher She Goes

17. “8 Reasons Why I Absolutely LOVE Israel”
Cory Lee, Curb Free With Cory Lee

18. “http://vickiwinters.com/sea-life-hotel-where-to-eat-nahariya-israel/”
Vicki Winters, The Vicki Winters Show

19. “Tips For Travellers Podcast”
Gary Bembridge, Tips For Travellers

20. “The Best Things to do in Jerusalem Old City (and what you need to know before you go!)”
Gary Bembridge, Tips For Travellers

21. “Where am I? Guess this famous city!”
Maria Hart, Travelling With Hart

22. “It takes a City: How Twitter helped change the global perception of Jerusalem #tbexjlm”
Mordecai Holtz, No Holtz Barred

23. “How to Visit India without seeing the Taj Mahal: Udaipur, Rajasthan”
Naomi Baum, Slow Travels

24. “Jerusalem: A Photographic Journey through the Old Walls and Beyond…”
Meanne Anneklien Casica, Annekliens Solo Travels And Adventure

25. “Tova In Israel”
Tova Knecht, Tova In Israel

26. “Visiting the City of David: Older than the Old City of Jerusalem”
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

27. “10 bonnes raisons de visiter l’Israël”
Eli Landry, lhotessedelair.com

28. “TBEX: A Travel Blogging Conference Part II: The Conference”
Gillian Devine, Silly Goose

29. “The Fascinating History of Jerusalem Will Leave You Wanting to Learn More”
Svetoslav Dimitrov, Svetdimitrov.com

30. “Planning a trip to Israel “
Soumya Nambiar, Travel Books Food

31. “What To Do In Jerusalem – Top 10 Attractions You Must See “
Taiss Nowrouzi, Together to Wherever

32. “Delta Moxie Jerusalem Old City March 2017 #tbexjlm”
Kellee Mayfield, Delta Moxie

33. “Seeing Jerusalem through the eyes of its visitors”
Debbie Kandal, Single in the Holy City

34. “Taste Jerusalem-a journey around the diversity of tastes”
Juanisimo Martinez

35. “Do not visit Israel until you read this”
Anita Sane, The Sane Travel

36. “Is it responsible to travel to Israel?”
Eva Sturm, Travel Responsibly

37. “Thoughts on being called ‘Brave’ for visiting Israel”
Lavi DeSousa, Continent Hop

38. “Going to Jerusalem? First Visit the Tower of David”
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

39. “Restaurant Review: Anna Italian Café, Jerusalem”
Karen Warren, Worldwide Writer

40. “10 day Israel itinerary in 20 pictures
Anita Sane, The Sane Travel

41. “8 Reasons Why I Absolutely LOVE Israel”
Cory Lee, Curb Free

42. “Elaborate Style And History Around Damascus Gate”
Ashley Parent, Blissy Life

43. “Three Tours, One Hostel Chain – An Experience”
Gilliian Devine, Silly Goose

44. “Worldwide Travel Bloggers Fall in Love with Jerusalem”
Dan Hotels

45. “Jerusalem: The Other City That Never Sleeps “
Lora Wiley, Diary of a Mad Hausfrau

46. “Are Americans Really in Danger in the West Bank”
Megan Indoe, Bobo and Chichi

47. “What To See In Israel – 7 Day Itinerary Of Things To Do
Taiss Nowrouzi, Together In Thailand

48. “Tel Aviv – the City of Staggering Contrasts”
Svetoslav Dimitrov, Svetdimitrov.com

49. “Sea Life Hotel – Where To Eat In Nahariya Israel”
Vicki Winters, vicky winters.com

50. “Israel’s Exploding Culinary Scene: 10+ Foods You Need To Try”
Sher Sg, Sher She Goes

51. “Is attending TBEX Advantageous For Travel Bloggers? “
Soumya Nambiar, Travel Books Food

52. “An Interview with Gary Arndt: I Catch Up with the Godfather of Travel”
Christopher James Mitchell, travelingmitch

53. “Shabbat of a Lifetime, a Unique Jerusalem Experience”
Karen Warren, Worldwide Writer

54. “How to visit the Dead Sea and Masada from Jerusalem “
Anita Sane, The Sane Travel

55. “9 Things You Did Not Know About the City of David, Jerusalem”
Alexandra Kovacova, Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

56. “What The Media Doesn’t Tell You About Jerusalem”
Ella Capek, Wide-Eyed Wanderer

57. “Nazareth The Holy City”
Ajay Sood, Travelure

58. “Tasting the Fine Wines of Assaf Winery in Israel”
Cory Lee, Curb Free

59. “A Visit to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem & An Oatmeal Strawberry Thumbprint Cookie Recipe from the Ashes “
Lora Wiley, Diary of a Mad Hausfrau

60. “Israel – the Ultimate Quiz”
Svetoslav Dimitrov, Svetdimitrov.com

61. “Do Your Own Tour (DYOT): Road Trip to the Dead Sea in 1 Day “
Larissa Tedesco, Nomaddictives

62. “Israel Road trip: Is it Safe for Female Solo Traveller?”
Meanne Anneklien Casica, Annekliens Solo Travels And Adventure

63. “How My Tweet Made A *Shidduch* -TBEX Jerusalem”
Vicky Winters, thevickywintersshow.com

64. “Our Love Letter to the food in Israel”
Megan Indoe, Bobo And Chichi

65. “Get Your Frike On, A Delicious Israeli Dish”
Donna Baker, Savory Road

66. “An Interview with the founders of Bitemojo a self guided food tour.”
Isabelle Stamper, Oh The Lifestyle

67. “Both sides of the story in Israel: What is Hebron like, really?”
Maria Hart, Travelling With Hart

68. “15 Things You Will Learn About Jerusalem on Free Jerusalem Old City Walking Tour”
Alexandra Kovacova, Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

69. “Akko Old City: Jerusalem without the politics”
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

70. “What You Have to see in Jerusalem Old City”
Megan Indoe, Bobo And Chichi

71. “Bitemojo: A new twist on culinary tours”
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

72. “Adventure in Mahane Yehuda Market With Israel ScaVentures Shuk Dash”
Ciaran Blumenfeld, Momfluential

73. “Best Things to do in Jerusalem for a First Timer”
Megan Indoe, Bobo And Chichi

74. “Self-Guided Walking Tour of Jerusalem’s Old City”
Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler

75. “Experience This Romantic Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem”
Ashley Parent, Blissy Life

76. “Street Art of Nachlaot and the Machane Yehuda Market”
Karen Warren, Worldwide Writer Co

77. “Tasty Travels Around Jerusalem: Bitemojo’s Self Guided Food Tours”
Naomi Baum, Trip101.com

78. “5 things to know about hiking Ramon crater in Israel “
Anita Sane, The Sane Travel

79. “Wandering Among the Sculptures at the Billy Rose Art Garden”
Karen Warren, worldwidewriter.co.uk

80. Sunrise Bike Tour- Jerusalem
Vicki Winters, The Vicki Winters Show

81. Is it Safe to Travel to Israel
Lavina Dsouza

82. My First Day in Jerusalem
Doria Garms-Sotelo, Doria Travels

83. Plush Places-Jerusalem
Plush Places with Rahul Jagtiani

84. A Pilgrimage to Israel
Lavi DeSousa, Continent Hop

85. A Day of Deliciousness & Delights in Haifa Israel
Laura Wiley, Diary of a Mad Hausfrau

86. Visiter Jérusalem depuis Tel-Aviv en une journée. Quoi voir en priorité?
Elizabeth Landry, LHotessedelair

87. Zippori National Park & Its Spectacular Mosaics 
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

88. Bible Lands Musuem-The History Behind the Bible
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

89. Biblical Nazareth-My Observations 
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

90. Visiting Bethlehem For a Day
Rachel Heller, Rachel’s Ruminations

91. Voyager en Backpack en Israel: 7 Musts 
Nomad Junkies

92. Tel Aviv Pride Week 2017 
Nimrod Rinot

93. Where to Eat in Jerusalem – Falafel, Vegan and International Eats
Globetrotter Guru

94. Religion, Race and Culture:  the Astonishing Diversity of Jerusalem 
Worldwide Writer

95. Experiencing Slovenian Cuisine Through the BiteMojo App 
Rudderless Travel

Visit the Conference tab on our TBEX International 2017 page for a list of the speakers, parties and conference schedule from #tbexjlm, our first-ever International travel blogger’s conference!


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