Link Round-Up For TBEX Asia Pacific 2016 in Manila, Philippines

the Philippines

the Philippines

We gathered in Luzon and we explored the islands. We discovered enchantment in Caraga, tropical splendor in Palawan, and whitewater adventure in the Cagayan de Oro. We dined on Chicaron, Adobo and Lechón, we reveled in the Filipino culture, and we quickly fell in love with ‘The Pearl of the Orient.’ We discovered that over 7,000 islands make up the Philippines, but boundless stories define it.

We learned valuable information for mastering our preferred media and publishing platforms. We discovered proven methods for honing our craft and strengthening our brand. We gleaned advice and techniques from industry experts for capitalizing on a sound business strategy. That’s what brings bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to TBEX, and  what keeps them coming back time after time.

But most importantly, TBEX is about the people. People like you.

We want to hear your story about TBEX Asia Pacific 2016. Whether it’s a story about the conference, the breakout sessions, a party, or what you learned that is changing how you work and grow. Whether it’s a story about someone you met, a business deal you arranged, or an idea you have for a new project. Whether it’s an experience from a pre-bex activity, a post-bex FAM trip, or whether you connected something about the Philippines to the ongoing narrative of your personal travels. Please share the content you created for the Philippines as a result of your experiences with TBEX Asia Pacific 2016.

Please leave your name, the link, and the title of your story in the comments box below.  We will add your story here and share the collection we receive with our hosts and their partners.


  • Submit your story and link only once. This service is moderated and it may take a couple of days for your story to appear.
  • Only submit stories related to your attendance at TBEX, participation in the events, and your time spent exploring the Philippines. Do not submit previously published work.
  • Please make sure you include a). the title of your story; b). your name and/or blog name; c). the link to your story.
  • Please take in mind that our hosts want to know about your experiences as a way for them to prepare reports and analysis of the benefit of hosting TBEX and the content that comes out of it. Please help us send them clips by including your story – whether you write it now, next week, next month, or a year from now. We all know that our experiences have a way of creeping into many of our stories.
  • We want stories, videos, photography, podcasts, etc. All forms of content and storytelling is welcome.

Share your TBEX Story!

1. “Sailing in Paradise: Tao Philippines Expedition – the real community social enterprise”
The Travel Intern2.

2. “Luxury Escape in Davao: Pearl Farm Beach Resort”
Angela Sibal, Foodicles

3. Eerie, Not Abandoned – Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor Island, Philippines
Ajay Sood

4. “I popped my TBEX cherry & it felt so good! (Plus tips for newbies)”
Marlon Uy,

5. “Why TBEX is a must for Travel Bloggers”

6. “A Reason to Visit Mindanao: Camiguin Island”
Elen Turner

7. “Intramuros – The Old Walled City in Manila, Philippines (and Video 86)”
Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler

8. “10 Tips for Attending TBEX”

9. “A Love Affair with Jeepneys – Rice Terraces of the Cordillera, Philippines (Video #87)”
Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler

10. “An Exploration of San Agustin Church: Photo Essay”

11. “The Magic of The Ruins – Romance and History in Negros”
Andrea Whitaker

12. “TBEX Manila: Highlights from TBEX Asia Pacific 2016”
Travel Blog Success

13. “Natural Wonders of the Philippines: Top Tourist Destinations”
Linda Aksomitis

14. TBEX Philippines — Jelly Journeys
Joe Allam

15. “Luxury Escape in Davao: Pearl Farm Beach Resort”
Angela Sibal, Foodicles

16. “Discovering the Fruits and Foods of Davao”
Angela Sibal, Foodicles

17. “One-Day Itinerary: Davao City”
Angela Sibal, Foodicles

18. “Hijo Resorts Davao”
Angela Sibal, Foodicles

19. “A Tour of the Historic Houses of Occidental Negros”
Shandos Cleaver, Travelnuity

20. “North Palawan Island Hopping from Dimakya Island”
Edwina Dendler, Traveling German

21. “Beautiful Bed & Breakfast Near Manila- Sonya’s Cottage Inn”
Vicki winters

22. “TBEX Experts Share Some Handy Tips”
Paula McInerney

23. “My Path Through the Philippines”
Mel Hattie

24. “What We Learned in Manila”

25. The Island Logic

26. “TBEX Manila: Highlights from TBEX Asia Pacific 2016”

27. “Wanderlust Wednesday: I Went To My First TBEX!”

28. “The Uncharted Paradise: Camiguin Island”

29. “Why TBEX Manila is the highlight of my 2016”

30. “Exploring The Philippines Cordilleras’ Rice Terraces”
Michael Aquino

31. “Discover Palawan”

32. “My Typhoon Lawin Experience”

33. “Why TBEX is a must for Travel Bloggers”
Archana Singh

34. “Sailing in Paradise: Tao Philippines Expedition – the real community social enterprise”

35. “TBEX Philippines Travel Blog Conference Review”
Alona Ballard

36. Bobo and Chichi

37. Travel Inspiration 360

38. Life Explorateurs Travel Blog

39. “How To Become A Travel Blogging Millionare”
The Life of Jord

40. “Philippine Travelogue: Budget Accommodation Offers Flawless Internet”
Michael Taylor41. “Philippine Travelogue: Budget Carrier Puts the Fun Back in Travel”
Michael Taylor

42. “Ilocos: Philippines are more than beaches”
Stephen Henson

43. “Cagayan de Oro – Camiguin Post #tbexph Tour”
Lee Rosales

44. “A Tale of two Spanish Cities FAM Trip.”
Amy Trumpeter, Globetrotter Guru

45. “Why I Joined TBEX Asia 2016”
Doi Domasian, The Travelling Feet

46. “TBEX Experts Share Some Handy Tips”
Paula McInerney

47. “Rice Dessert Filipino Style – The Secret Ingredient in Traditional Bibingkang Kanin”
Linda Aksomitis, guide2travel.cax

48. “Natural Wonders of the the Philippines: Top Tourist Destinations”
Linda Aksomitis, guide2travel.cax

49. “How I went to TBEX again, and what I learnt!”
Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner

50. “Is Manila a crime-ridden place or is it something completely different?”
Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner

51. “How to work with #TBEX, and how to do it right!”
Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner

52. “Rainbow Blessings Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo, Philippines”
Andrea Whitaker,

53. “Helpful Tips for TBEX First Timers”
Andrea Whitaker,

54. “Boracay- #1 Island In the World”
Vicki Winters

55. “Travel in the Philippines for Beginners”
Taylor Tracks

56. ”Overwater Bungalow Escape in the Philippines: Pearl Farm Beach Resort”
Betsy Wuebker

57. ”The Philippines Private Island Resort For Your Bucket List”
Jennifer Dombrowski

58. ”The Lind Hotel on the Beach in Boracay”
Tim Leffel

59. ”Workation Guide for Digital Nomads: 5 Reasons Why It’s More Fun In The Philippines”

60. ”Is TBEX Worth It?”

61. ”TBEX Asia Pacific Manila 2016 – This Week in Travel #213”
Chris Christensen

62. ”#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines”
Eva Casey

63. ”#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines – 20 Photos That Will Convince You To Visit The Philippines”

64. ”A Day on the Island of Palawan
Sheila Dee

65. ”The Shy Volcano of Bicol Philippines – What’s brewing?”

66. ”Is Manila a crime-ridden place or is it something completely different?”

67. ”Why We Didn’t Really Want to Go to TBEX Manila”
Paula McInerney

68. ”Iloilo, the City of Love”

69. ”Surfing Paradise in Asia: Siargao, Philippines”

70. ”What Makes Manila any different from any other Asian city?”
Paula McInerney

71. ”ATV RIDE with Travel Bloggers in Albay – TBEX Asia 2016 TBEXPH”

72. ”5 Reasons to Visit Taal Volcano if You’re A Beach Person”
Julia Antoinette

73. ”TBEX 2016: VLOG02. Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Speed Networking and more PARTIES!!!”
Kenneth Surat

74. ”A Little Bit of Manila in my Eyes”

75. ”Off-the-Beaten Path in Tagaytay, Philippines”
Twirl the Globe

76. ”10 Adventurous Things to Do in Coron, Palawan”
Jennifer Dombrowski

77. ”The Uncharted Paradise: Camiguin Island”
Life Explorateurs

78. ”Eco-resort Offers Amazing Activities for Adventure Travelers”
Michael Taylor

79. ” 18+ spots that prove the Philippines is the most underrated place to travel “
Nicole Sunderland

80. “That Will Inspire A Trip To Boracay- #1 Island In The World”
Vicki Winters

81. “Come Walk With Us- Wedding Edition”
Scott Herder

82. “Shangri-La at the Fort: A Destination in Manila”
Jennifer Dombrowski

83. ”Overwater Bungalow Escape in the Philippines: Pearl Farm Beach Resort”
Betsy Wuebker

84. “Diving Coron’s Wrecks and Reefs”
Jennifer Dombrowski

85. “Introduction to Legazpi City and Daraga, Albay: Gateway to Bicolandia!”

86. “Top 11 Must Do in Zamboanga City”
Lee Rosales, Travel and Munch

87. “Is the Philippines Southeast Asia’s Next Hot Travel Destination?”
Accidental Travel Writer

88. “The Perils of a Tourism Boom: Palawan’s Popularity Problem”
Brianne Miers

89. “Filipino Food: Popular Dishes of The Philippines That You Have To Try!”
Tim Kroeger

90. “Safety is relative:Visiting the Philippines”
Travel Weekly

91. “18+ spots that prove the Philippines is the most underrated place to travel”
Scott Sporleder

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