Jerusalem Culture: From art to faith, every stone tells a tale



Jerusalem is a city filled with secrets. Each neighborhood is a bastion of history, with the alleyways and the stones of Jerusalem revealing an untold story about the city.

Jerusalem is a city breaming with cultural activities. Many think of Jerusalem as a meeting point of East and West, of old and new, of the highest inspiration and the keenest innovation.

True, Jerusalem is all of this, and more.

Jerusalem is a city that brings together the traditions of all its inhabitants weaving a unique tapestry. The culture of Jerusalem is distinct with its own flavor. It is a combination of an old culture born and bred in the city, boasting an ancient history, with the most beautiful art and inspiring music, combined with the latest cultural trends.

The cultural calendar of Jerusalem is packed throughout the year.

Starting in the fall with The Sacred Music Festival, which brings together musician from all over the world for a cultural pilgrimage promoting peace, tolerance and brotherhood. The three-week festival, inspires the audience to rethink what is sacred while dancing wildly to the beats of the trendy music.



The fall in Jerusalem also is time for the International Open House Festival, opening the doors to all of Jerusalem’s unique architectural buildings. The masses of visitors can explore the city’s iconic structures, while hearing stories from experts and residents who are passionate to share the history of the building.

During the winter, during the cooler months, Jerusalem heats up the cultural activities with a month-long festival and often free, art exhibitions, tours, concerts and events throughout the city.

As the seasons change, the streets of Jerusalem fill with runners preparing for the Jerusalem Marathon, which brings 30,000 people from all over Israel and the world.

For those looking for a bit more of the classics, the annual Opera Festival in Sultan’s Pool promises an impressive backdrop while watching a stellar performance of a great Opera.

While the festival calendar of Jerusalem is always full, the city is also home to some of the best museums in the world. For example, The Israel Museum, offers history of millennia on display for all to see – from the Dead Sea Scrolls and relics of ancient civilizations across the Middle East, to the art work of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

While visitors and locals to the city can craft their own artwork at the annual outdoor International Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair, hosted in Sultan’s Pool, sets the perfect ambiance for one of the city’s many summer festivals. Here, visitors can stroll from stand to stand, taking in local and international artisans’ work from watches to hammocks to original artwork. At night, the festival offers live concerts and dance performances by popular Israeli artists, as well as many food stands and workshops.

These amazing events offer a glimpse of the cultural scene of Jerusalem,  a city offering every visitor an opportunity to discover. With such a vibrant cultural scene, the secret of Jerusalem is the everyday life. It’s the hustle and bustle of the market, it’s the city that lights up with an impressive urban night life. It’s the balance of sounds of techno beats played against the Middle Eastern backdrop.

So what is the real Jerusalem cultural scene? The only real answer is, come and see for yourself. #TBEX

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