houses along the river in Girona, Costa Brava

It seems like we were just getting excited about going to Spain and now TBEX Europe is a thing of the past.  It came and went, and in between there was plenty of great food, opportunities for learning and to do business, and plenty of fun.  But don’t take our word for it, read what others are saying.  (And while you’re at it, why not register for TBEX 13 in Toronto.)

Here’s what you’re saying about TBEX:

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  47. El celler de Can Roca 2nd best restaurant in the world
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  49. Costa Brava, Spain’s Northeast Coast: Getting There
  50. So, you want to go to Spain’s Brave Coast? Seaside L’Estartit
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  54. Flavors of Catalonia
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  68. Hotel Balneari Prats TBEX 2012 Blogtrip
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  76. Takeaways from TBEX
  77. Girona. Barcelona. David. Goliath?
  78. An Alien Universe

 NOTE:  We will be updating this list regularly. Have you written a post-Girona review, wrap-up, photo essay, or anything else related to the conference? Leave a comment below with the link, send us a tweet @TBEXevents, or let us know on the Facebook page – we want to hear your feedback, and we want to share your posts with other TBEX blog readers!


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