We’re starting a new TBEX project and inviting YOU – the TBEX community – to participate.

It’s a monthly themed travel blogging challenge. Some months it’ll be a specific writing challenge, pushing you to improve your skills, other months it will be a chance to showcase some of your best work from your archives, and still other months we want it to be an opportunity to kick back for a good laugh. We hope it will be an opportunity to work on your craft (whether that’s written, visual, or auditory), as well as a chance to get to know fellow community members. And hey – community members working in the travel industry – you are invited to participate, too.

TBEX Toronto stage

To kick things off this month, we’re just asking you to share one of your favorite posts. No particular challenge or theme to start off, but check out below to discover our theme for December.

To participate, just click on the “add your link” button at the bottom of the post, follow the easy steps, and voila, you’ll be part of of this month’s TBEX Travel Blogging Challenge. And here’s a tip, on the screen that asks for Name, put in the name (title) of your blog post rather than your blog’s name or your own name, as that will entice readers to click through to learn more.

Because we have to be responsible in sharing content, there are a just few guidelines to keep things on the up and up.

  • Show us your best stuff. Sure, you might be learning and just starting to work on your craft, and there’s no need to worry about that. Make sure your contribution represents the best you can do today and it’s all good. This is also a chance to learn and grow, no one is going to make fun of your progress.
  • Only one link per per blog.
  • Links are moderated to keep off-topic and spam posts out. Please be patient, we’ll get yours approved as quickly as possible. And, of course, check back to see links from new participants.
  • Remember the good old days when blogging was about sharing and being a good community member? This is a chance to bring back some of those values by sharing the TBEX community love with everyone participating in the TBEX travel blogging challenge. We hope you’ll click through and read these posts, comment, and share with your own communities via social media. It’s just a nice thing to do.
  • The theme for November 2013 is simple – merely sharing one of your favorite travel posts.

Blogging Theme for December 2013

Our December travel blogging challenge will be published on December 5th. The December 2013 theme is Holidays and Festivals. We know travel is intricately entwined with celebrations, so it should be easy to write a post (or find something in your archives) that fits the theme. Stretch yourself, try something new, show us what you all can do.

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