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Guest post from TBEX North America 2019 Sponsor, Cardsetter 

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Cardsetter is a new publishing platform for bloggers that helps you focus on creating amazing content, growing your audience, and generating revenue. Publishing content on Cardsetter is frictionless and lets you skip the frustrating and time-consuming tasks that usually come with running a website.

As a blogger, you know your business grows when you create amazing content, grow your audience, and monetize. We engineered Cardsetter to save you time so you can focus on your content and audience, and it gives you the features you need to successfully monetize.

Cardsetter at TBEX North America 2019Content is King

Content is at the core of your business, so creating, publishing, and updating your content should be fast, easy, and flexible. Cardsetter does that by making your website as frictionless as possible. There’s no complicated admin interface and practically zero setup and maintenance. Just click and start typing.

On Cardsetter, all your publishing happens “on the front-end,” right on the page. Just click and start typing, or drag-and-drop your images. There’s no “preview” mode or complicated “block” settings to configure. There are no restrictive “themes” on Cardsetter either: create page layouts and use them on multiple pages, or create a page that’s totally unique. It’s up to you.

Engage Your Audience

The more time your audience spends on your site, the more monetization opportunities you have. Engaged audiences are more likely to consume your sponsored content, click on ads and affiliate links, and convert to signups or purchases.

Cardsetter’s user experience imitates popular social media platforms to keep your audience scrolling and discovering more content. You can arrange content into horizontal and vertical scrolling sections (like Facebook’s News Feed and Carousels). This proven pattern continuously serves new content to your audience to keep them engaged and discovering more. Best of all, you’re the curator so you can decide what content you’d like them to discover next

Here’s a quick example. Suppose your website is about outdoor recreation across the United States. Winter is coming, so it’s time to start featuring your skiing content! You could create a collection of skiing blog posts, articles, videos and photo galleries, group them all together and feature them at the top of your homepage. At the bottom of each of your skiing pages you could place the same collection to keep them moving through the content or create a whole new collection to move them along to the next topic. It doesn’t matter how old the content is. Cardsetter doesn’t only organize things by “publish date,” so your content truly is evergreen.

Now switch gears, suppose you have a bunch of great content about Bali, Indonesia. On Cardsetter, you could create a collection of “Traveling in Bali” content and curate all the best resources you’ve created on the topic: videos about the volcanic mountains, photo galleries of your favorite beaches, blogs about the best places to eat, and posts about how to obtain a visa and arrange travel. Group it all together and you have a dense, incredibly valuable resource for your audience all from reusing content you already had.

Site for Travel BlogsMonetize

We know how critical it is for you to monetize your website so you can continue to produce amazing content. Cardsetter is built to help content creators monetize. It’s simple to integrate your ad server for showing display advertisements or connect to your ecommerce platform for selling products and courses. If you’re monetizing through affiliate links, you can also easily create beautiful Cards to encourage your users to click-through.

We believe the sponsored content strategy is especially useful for independent content creators, so Cardsetter has special built-in sponsored-content features. You can easily add sponsor logos to content collections and links, or add sponsor-sections to any piece of content. Remember our skiing-collection example? Not only can each piece of content within the collection be sponsored, but the collection itself is sponsorable! Add a sponsor logo and monetize your new collection of existing content. Or if you’re creating content about traveling to China, create a trip itinerary collection from your existing content and get it sponsored by a tour company or travel agency. Cardsetter excels at creating new monetization opportunities from your existing content.

Creating a sustainable business from your blog depends on prioritizing your time on the things that help you grow. Prioritizing your time on your content, audience, and monetization strategies are investments that will pay off.

Spend Your Time on What Matters Most

Your time is best spent when you prioritize creating amazing content, growing your audience, and monetizing. Spending time on anything else inhibits your growth.

We know that spending time fussing with plugins, hosting, themes, settings, and upgrades can be a major time sink. Besides, you’re a content creator not a software engineer, right? You enjoy blogging about traveling, writing, photography, and connecting on social media. Your website shouldn’t get in your way. That’s why we’ve made Cardsetter as trim and streamlined as possible.

TBEX North America 2019

Cardsetter is continuously updated in the background, completely removing the time and risk associated with upgrades. It’s powerful and customizable, but lets you “just start publishing” and monetizing your site right away. Every hour you spend troubleshooting or fixing your website is an hour you can’t spend creating awesome content or finding your next sponsor.

We know your time is valuable and you have a lot to consider when choosing a website platform. If you’re just getting started, or the next time you decide to revamp your existing site, consider using Cardsetter. We’ll make your choice easy.

  • Create a free trial Cardsetter website with all your existing content. Keep your old site up while you decide if Cardsetter is right for you.
  • Free setup and migration from your existing platform.
  • No page limits, bandwidth restrictions, or upload limitations.
  • You’ll have real human support whenever you need it over email, chat, or phone (yes, the phone).
  • If you decide you’re not happy after the switch, we’ll migrate you back to your old platform for free.

Thanks for getting to know Cardsetter. We look forward to connecting with you at TBEX North America and answering your questions. Learn more about how Cardsetter is perfect for your travel blog at:

The Cardsetter Team


Cardsetter was created by Joshua Toenyes and Jessica Baldwin. Jessica founded, a hyperlocal “events and things to do” blog for Billings, Montana. Josh is a software engineer with years of experience working with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace. The seedling idea for Cardsetter grew from months of brainstorming improvements for in 2016.

Jessica knew her time was best spent creating content and courting advertisers, instead of spending time (and money) on the endless cycle of upgrading, troubleshooting, and fixing her website, originally built on WordPress. Also incredibly important to Billings365 (as with every content-based website) was keeping visitors on-site longer and coming back more often. Focused on these primary goals, Josh and Jessica started building Cardsetter to dramatically reduce the pain points of running a content-driven website and increase the site’s audience engagement. Since then, Billings365 has grown to a six-figure business, visitors are finding and exploring more content, and the ad click-through rates have tripled.

More From Cardsetter

We’ve also created a whole guide to growing your business as an online content creator! You download the full guide as a PDF at the link below, or get a hardcopy for free from us at TBEX North America 2019.

Also visit our Resources page for more tips and resources for content creators:

TBEX North America 2019

Register for TBEX North America 2019 and join 500+ travel bloggers, content creators, travel media and tourism brands in Billings, Montana.

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Richard Larson
Richard Larson
September 8, 2019 11:24 am

Great post, content still does remain king, and obviously engaging content is what wins. Finding ways to monetize your content is especially important for bloggers. Will definitely check out Cardsetter.

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