I Want to Go There: How To Use Findery as a Tool for Travel Blogging

Get a jump on your research using Findery

As soon as you’ve decided where you’re jetting off to next, you probably take a preliminary, virtual trip online to scout out the lay of the land. Notes on Findery have been left by both locals and travelers, and both can give you a sense of the place.

Did you know? Findery users have already left over 100,000 notes around the world, and have notes in every single country. If you’re going somewhere, odds are high we have some notes there for you to explore.

Barcelona map

 Image: Map of Barcelona on Findery

Plan your visit

Where will you eat? What will you see? What should you be sure not to miss? Start working on your plan of attack long before you even pack your bags. Create a Findery Notemap to plan your trip, adding notes to the places you want to go. A map will be created to help you, and on your mobile app you can get directions of how to get there.

Did you know? Following a contributor on Findery sends you a notification on your phone whenever you pass by one of their notes. Find a local expert in the area you’re visiting and you’ll get a ping as you wander through their part of the world!

Findery - Places I Want To Visit In Spain (1)

Image: Notemap by @JessicaJ

Record your visit while it’s happening

When you arrive is when the real fun begins. So many new discoveries, so many things to take note of. Most of the time you just want to jot down a thought or two for a blog post later. Snap a picture, place it on the map, write a few words, and presto, you’ll never forget where you had that amazing pizza or saw that beautiful mural.

Did you know? It takes less than a minute to leave a note! We have Android, iOS, and Apple Watch apps to keep you always connected on the go.

Share more in-depth stories when you get home

When you’re home, on the couch, flipping through photos, is when some of the longer, more in depth stories come out. Findery is a fantastic place to put those stories. Think of it as creating a map and a photo album of your trip. A place where the stories and the photos cohabitate in perfect harmony.

Did you know? Bloggers are always welcome to add a link to blog posts about their travels to their notes!

Decide where you’re going next

Where to next? Doesn’t take long for wanderlust to strike again. Findery features notes from all around the world, even Antarctica! It’s just enough to get your exploration juices bubbling all over again. So, where’s your next destination? Spin the map, see where it stops, then hop on down the Findery rabbit hole and discover the next place you want to explore in person.

Did you know? Findery has a passionate network of users. Need suggestions for where to go? They can help you decide!

Findery Bali  (1)

Image: Exotic Bali by @Skimbaco




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