HouseTrip & Viator FAM Trip to Crete

HouseTrip & Viator are proud to sponsor TBEX this year. To celebrate, we’d like to give attending bloggers the chance to join us for a FAM trip to Crete, immediately before TBEX Europe in Athens, Greece.

ryan levittThe trip is an opportunity to experience the joy of bringing more “Us Time” into your life by staying in a HouseTrip rental in Crete. Find out why millions of travellers worldwide are switching to holiday rentals in order to take advantage of the added value, amenities, and choice, that come when you have a complete home at your disposal. At HouseTrip, we believe that it is the shared experience that makes a vacation truly memorable – time spent with loved ones, families and groups of friends.

So let us help bring more Us Time into your TBEX stay.

Then Travel With An Insider by letting the excursions begin with the world’s leading global tours and activities provider, Viator. Take advantage of a team of dedicated travel gurus who provide handpicked and verified trip activities in more than 1,500 destinations worldwide.

There are seven spaces available on the Crete FAM trip. Selected bloggers will receive free accommodation, transfers to and from Athens, an itinerary of hand-selected experiences, and most meals. Note: Airfare or other transportation to and from Athens is not included. We’ve got great properties lined up for you here and here.

Please note on the application form whether or not you have a valid drivers license and if you would be comfortable driving in Crete.

The FAM trip is for bloggers only. Sorry, no +1s can be accommodated.

Blogger Qualifications:

  • You must be registered for TBEX Athens to apply. If you’re not, head on over to register.
  • Bloggers will be selected at random.
  • All interested bloggers should have a minimum of one year of regular blog content on their blog.
  • Although we are collecting analytic and social media information, it is for analysis purposes only; we we will not be looking at follower or traffic numbers in selecting participants.

All bloggers not selected for the trip will immediately qualify for an exclusive 15% voucher code from HouseTrip that can be used on the blog and/or shared with readers for their use. It’s a little extra thank you for your interest and time.

Don’t be scared or shy! Fill out the application form and come prepared for both independent explorations (designed to give you unique content), and the chance to experience what HouseTrip and Viator are all about. And, keep an eye out for another HouseTrip and Viator offer for Athens coming up soon.

Dates:  October 19-22

Application deadline is Augsut 10th, midnight Pacific Time

Apply Here


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6 Responses
  1. Ryan Levitt

    Hi all, Just a couple of clarifications. Firstly, we will fly all bloggers from Athens to Crete and back again. So you just need to get yourself to Athens and we will take care of the rest. Secondly, if you have pre-BEX experiences booked already for the 21st, we would recommend that you NOT apply for this trip as your time would be severely limited and it is unlikely you will be able to do both. Those who have booked pre-BEX experiences on the 22nd can be accommodated – we will fly you back to Athens the evening of the 21st. Thanks!

  2. Hey Guys,

    What happens if a blog is run by 2 people? My boyfriend and I equally write and run our blog and would like to be considered for this famil together. Is this possible?


  3. Ryan Levitt

    Sorry for not responding sooner. We will take bloggers as a couple. In fact, Dave & Deb from and Sarah & Terry Lee from LiveShareTravel are already set to join us. So couples are more than welcome.

  4. Sweet – thanks for clearing that up! I put in my submission under just my name but if we are lucky enough to be selected (fingers and toes crossed) then please add my blogger partner in crime Tom Williams 🙂

  5. Goodevening,
    I am Dutch Travel Blogger who is attending TBEX in Athens. I’am still kooking for accommodation and I want to ask if there are any possibiltys to sponsor a accommodation. I want to stay here with 1 other Dutch blogger and we will write about our experiences. Look forward to hear from you! Ciao Henriette
    I write for (200.000 unique visitors) and

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