Map of Czech Republic

Hello TBEX delegates –  we’ve entered the second half of February and TBEX Europe 2018 in Ostrava is quickly approaching!

So are you ready to start planning your trip? This article should assist you with some fundamental information on flight connections, trains, buses, and public transportation. So give it a read and start planning your transportation to #TBEXOstrava2018!

Masaryk Square, Ostrava CZ
Ostrava’s Masaryk Square

You may or may not be familiar with our fine city of Ostrava, but one thing is certain – there’s no need to worry about how to get here. The Czech Republic is located right in the heart of Europe, so it is pretty convenient to visit us from every continent. And that means you’ll have plenty of options getting to TBEX Europe 2018 in Ostrava.

Also, Czechia (a new one-word version of our country name) is known for its well developed, reliable and cheap (YES!!!) public transport system which allows you to quickly travel around the entire country.

Map of Czech Republic
Map of the Czech Republic within Europe

Traveling by Plane – Getting to Central Europe

When traveling from far and near, you have a variety of airports where you can land:

Václav Havel Airport Prague – Czech Republic
Vienna Schwechat International Airport – Austria
John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice – Poland
Katowice International Airport – Poland
M. R. Štefánik Bratislava International Airport – Slovakia

Václav Havel Airport, Prague, CZ
Václav Havel Airport, Prague

There are also several flights from Prague, London and Milan that fly direct to the Leoš Janáček International Airport in Ostrava.

Leoš Janáček International Airport, Ostrava
Leoš Janáček International Airport, Ostrava

Czech AirlinesCzech Airlines logo

Czech Airlines is a modern European airline providing friendly and flexible services based on adherence to safety and high quality using their vast experience and long tradition of a carrier established in 1923. We are one of the five oldest airlines in the world. We are a founder member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and have been a member of a global alliance of air carriers, the SkyTeam Alliance, since 2001.

Czech Airlines currently operates a modern 18-aircraft fleet. We use aircraft manufactured by the European concern Airbus for Medium- and Long-Haul flights, while Short-Haul distances are operated by turbo propeller ATR aircraft.

Czech Airlines is offering special discount for all TBEX attendees! TBEX travelers can receive a 10% discount airfare on Economy Class or a 15% airfare discount on Business Class. Please use the promocode:  TBEX2018 when booking your air travel with Czech Airlines. The code is valid for all departures within the Czech Airlines network to DESTINATION Prague (PRG) and Ostrava (OSR) – yes, you can fly all the way to Ostrava!!!

  • Condition: The code can only be used for flights operated by Czech Airlines, not other carriers
  • Travel Period: 17JUL – 10AUG 2018
  • Selling period: 20APR – 10AUG 2018
  • Link: TBEX clients go to the Czech Airlines website, after completing your travel details, and enter your promo code

Czech Airlines Social media links:

It is also very easy to get from Czech Republic airports to Ostrava by high-speed train or bus. If you want to find out more about the train connections, just keep reading …

Traveling by Train – Getting to Ostrava

Once you’ve landed in Central Europe, you will have many possibilities on getting to Ostrava, your TBEX Europe 2018 destination. There are three train stations in Ostrava: Ostrava hlavní nádraží (main station), Ostrava Svinov (we recommend you get off either here or at the main station), and Ostrava-střed.

Czech Republic's Leo Express
Source: Leo Express
RegioJet in Czech Republic
Source: Regiojet

Trains to Ostrava from Prague (Czech Republic)
There are three companies offering direct high-speed train connections between the capital city of Prague and Ostrava. You can take Leo Express, RegioJet (both private carriers) or Czech Railways (the national carrier which operates three types of trains: SuperCity Pendolino, EuroCity or InterCity).

Czech Railways
Source: Czech Railways

All of the the direct high-speed trains leave from Prague Main Station / Praha hlavní nádraží and go to Ostrava Main Station / Ostrava hlavní nádraží every hour.

To get to the train station in Prague directly from the airport, take the Airport Express bus service (33 mins, 60 CZK/ 2 EUR / 3 USD).

Trains to Ostrava from Vienna (Austria)
There are also several options on getting from Vienna, Austria to Ostrava. There are direct train connections from Wien Hauptbahnhof / Vienna Main Station to Ostrava Main Station / Ostrava hlavní nádraží.

If you want to go straight from the airport Vienna Schwechat to Ostrava, you can also take a bus. (see the table below)

When travelling from Vienna to Ostrava by train please note that you may have to change trains in Breclav or in Brno (Czech Republic).

Trains to Ostrava from Krakow (Poland)
There are also quite a few options from Krakow. One of them is Leo Express bus or RegioJet bus going directly from the airport to Ostrava. Other options include InterCity, EuroCity or EuroNight trains operated by Czech Railways connecting the main stations of both cities.

Trains to Ostrava from Katowice (Poland)
When travelling from Katowice, you can choose to leave from the airport, the main bus station or the main train station. The bus connection is operated by Leo Express and and the train connection by Czech Railways (InterCity, EuroCity or EuroNight trains).

Trains to Ostrava Bratislava (Slovakia)
There is also a direct train connection between the capital city of Slovakia and Ostrava. The EuroCity and EuroNight trains are run by Czech Railways.

For traveling from different destinations and for more information check national timetable information system web pages (available also in English, look for the flag).

There is no need to book/buy the tickets in advance, there are many connections every day so you can always buy your ticket at the station/airport.

National Czech Trains Timetable


Traveling by Car

You can rent a car at all the airports listed above. Friendly reminder, if you rent your car abroad, don’t forget to buy a highway stamp when crossing the borders to the Czech Republic. For navigation, we recommend Google Maps.

Transportation in Ostrava

Once you are in Ostrava, there’s nothing easier (and cheaper) than to use the public transport within the city. There are several options you can choose from – buses, trolley buses or trams. All connections can be found here (for English, look for the flag).

A Tram in Ostrava

There are several types of public transportation tickets:

Public Transportation in Czech Republic

You can buy the paper tickets either from the ticket machines or in the tourist information centres. But there is also more convenient way how to purchase a ticket. Every public transport vehicle is equipped with a contactless credit card terminal. It’s very easy to use and you can just tap your card when you get on the vehicle. The price for single 45-minute transfer ticket is 20 CZK (0,8 EUR / 1,00 USD).

Another convenient way how to travel around Ostrava is taxi using the Liftago app. It’s the local favorite app that works on the same basis as Uber. You will add your debit or credit card, hail a cab via the app and pay cashless. The drivers are licensed taxi drivers who know the city very well. Especially when you’re in Prague, we do not recommend to hail a cab on the street though. It’s overpriced and sometimes, you can meet an unfair driver who will try to rip you off.

Fares vary from one taxi company to another in Ostrava, but generally we can say they charge around 1 EUR per kilometer. Additionally, we will secure a few taxi companies with special TBEX fares for your convenience.

How to get to the main venue GONG? Detailed information for every hotel is mentioned in the Hotel Section located under the Conference tab on the TBEX Europe 2018 Event Page at In general, you will want to take either of the tram no.1, 2, 6 and 10 and get off at the Dolní Vítkovice tram stop. It depends on what direction you are coming from, you may need to transfer at Náměstí republiky tram stop to get on tram no. 1 or 2. Or just ask your hotel reception call you a taxi or use the Liftago app.


The Czech Republic is one of the most wheelchair-accessible countries in Europe. All forms of public transportation listed in this blog post are wheelchair accessible. The same goes for most hotels in Ostrava and the conference venue Gong. For detailed information about wheelchair accessibility in Prague, we recommend reading this blog post:

Practical Information

For more practical information about transportation, currency, weather and more, visit:

Last but not least, here is your second lesson of Czech language:
Šťastnou cestu! = Have a pleasant journey! We hope you find this article on getting to TBEX Europe 2018 in Ostrava extremely helpful in planning your visit to us.

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    However, in this beautiful land also lie tourist-targeting scammers and petty crime. Do be wary of pickpockets, old town ham scam, public transport pickpockets, car thefts, street money exchange scam, snatch thefts and many more!

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      We had a fantastic closing keynote from Honest Guys Prague, who shared some of their stories about their mission to warn Prague visitors about some of the scammers, as well as some VERY successful stories in getting some of them shut down! If you haven’t checked out Honest Guys Prague, they’re on YouTube. GREAT STUFF!

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