We’re not saying that you should take a good hard look at the rules for Dungeons & Dragons, binge-watch episodes of Star Trek and Star Wars (though it is important to know the difference) or set aside the time to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but we are not NOT saying it either. After all, TBEX North America 2017 will bring you to what Forbes called the 4th geekiest city in the U.S.; a mantle we wear proudly.

In the spirit of preparing you for all of the marvelously geektastic activities you will experience during your time here, we thought that we might point out a few of our favorites.

What does Huntsville do with an abandoned combat boot factory, an empty storage facility or an obsolete newspaper box? Why, we turn it into art, of course.

  • Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment has transformed a turn of the century textile mill (later a combat boot factory) into what is now the nation’s largest private arts facility.
  • Old furniture to haute couture! Clinton Row, formerly and technically still partially, a climate-controlled storage facility houses clothing designers, professional artists and makers of all sorts.
  • Perhaps it’s been awhile since you dropped a quarter in the newspaper box and carefully pulled back that squeaky, spring-loaded door. In Huntsville, those boxes get opened every day because 1) they’re now free of charge, 2) they’re beautifully painted by local artists and 3) instead of yesterday’s news they contain little libraries. How cute is that?




Why would we only have parks & recreation when we could have SMARTS & recreation? Geeks like to go outside sometimes, we promise.

  • McMillian Park, located in Cummings Research Park and on the campus of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, is a trail and park comprised of two pathways forming a DNA double helix. Oh, you heard me correctly, we have a park shaped like DNA. The chromosomes are even labeled and explained. I know, right?
  • If you need just a minute to yourself, check out Washington Park in Downtown Huntsville. Seriously, a minute’s all you’re going to have, because at a whopping 4600 square feet it’s Huntsville’s first micro park. Aww, so cute.


(Image courtesy: HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology)

Where can you “eat, drink and be nerdy?” Turns out, we’ve got options.

  • Toybox Bistro bills itself as serving “elevated pub grub and comfort food with attitude” as well as touting a great selection of craft brew and wine too. With décor featuring everything from Pez to Pokémon, they also rate 5 stars on the “geek gauge.” (It’s a complicated system with pie-charts and diagrams. Trust us, it’s a good thing.)
  • Pints and Pixels is like a grown-up version of Chuck E. Cheese but with a delicious Southwestern-style menu, 50+ totally awesome vintage arcade and pinball games, and cocktails! Okay, so it’s nothing like Chuck E. Cheese, but it is way cool! Play like a kid with your grown up beverage.
  • Supper Heroes is the not-so-secret layer where those with hidden identities, cast out from their home planets, fighting for truth and justice walk among us and order cheeseburgers. With a menu that delivers the KA-POW! WHAM! and BANG!! Supper Heroes motto, “Hunger is Vanquished! Dinner is Served!” says it all.



(Image courtesy: Pints and Pixels)

So, that’s it! Like any new relationship, we hate to reveal our weird all up front; but, we want to make sure you understand what you’re getting yourselves into. No need to pack your pocket-protectors, however you mustn’t forget your curiosity, sense of adventure or spirit of exploration. Huntsville is waiting for you, TBEX and per usual, we’re totally geeking out about it!

TBEX North America 2017 in Huntsville is May 4-6th – Get Your Tickets Now.

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