The fourth and final round of TBEX Europe 2022 speakers is a collection of 10 highly skilled professionals who will provide travel media – including tourism brands, content creators, influencers and vloggers – with constructive information, tools, and innovative strategies for success in the current travel and tourism space. TBEX’s 25th travel bloggers conference in Marbella, Spain will also provide a wealth of information for industry travel and tourism providers on how to develop an effective online presence and work effectively with content creators.

TBEX Europe 2022 Speakers
Xuan Lan

Xuan Lan is a yoga teacher, wellness expert and author of two best selling books. Xuan uses her social networks and Youtube (total of 2.5 million followers), her wellness online platform (XLY Studio), her blog and books (100.000 books sold) to spread the traditional yoga teachings through my accessible and easy  methodology: how to integrate good healthy habits, yoga and meditation in our everyday life. She was on the cover of Forbes magazine in 2020, and received the ELLE wellness award.

Born and raised in France, she  started practicing yoga in NYC 20 years ago. Now based in Barcelona, she is a yoga instructor who is passionate about its healing and balancing power, its science, values and philosophy. Her mission is to offer and teach these techniques to as many people as possible, to help them find inner peace and create more harmony among all.

Xuan will deliver the Closing Keynote.

Melvin Boecher

Melvin Boecher is the founder and CEO of Travel Dudes, co-founder of the Social Travel Summit, former COO of iambassador and with more than 15 years of successfully running his business, he is a pioneer of professional travel blogging. His Social Media are very popular. On Twitter, he has accumulated around 250.000 followers and Melvin appears on over 8.500 recommended Twitter lists – this ranks him in the top 3 in travel. His Facebook page has also over 120,000 fans.

With the online travel guidebooks Travel Dudes (English) & Weltreisetipps (German) that are industry leaders within the field of destination & peer-to-peer marketing. In partnership with clients they create cost-effective, inspirational and engaging travel content (video production, distribution with an included social media and website promotion) for digital and social platforms, reaching an audience of over three million travelers each month.

Melvin will share his knowledge on successful campaigns and how to use different strategies for the best ROI.

Leesh Brock

Leesh Brock is a travel content creator based in London. Whilst working in advertising, she founded “Girls That Wander” a travel community that specifically showcased the stories and inspiring content from women travellers. After feeling inspired herself, Leesh took the leap and started creating her own content on Instagram and more recently TikTok, where she shares incredible destinations, hotel reviews and itineraries. She has since worked with brands such as Visit Britain, The Mauritius Tourism Authority and Motorola.

Leesh will share her experience on creating viral content on TikTok.

Jussara Pellicano-Botelho

Jussara Pellicano is the CEO of Sisterwave, the community for women who travel alone. Addicted to traveling and discovering new destinations, the idea of Sisterwave emerged in her adventures around the world. The startup inaugurated the presence of Brazil as champion of the Global Tourism Startups Competition, of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in the category Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5): Gender Equity and won the Turistech Challenge of the Ministry of Tourism and Wakalua, among others.

Sisterwave, the global community of support and local connections for women who love to travel. In it, the sisters (community members) can participate in the social network among female travelers; acquire or offer travel-related services to each other. And they can even exchange information directly with the other sisters through chat, or by participating in groups. Sisterwave’s purpose is to bring more gender equity to travel and this is done through the union of the power of sisterhood and technology! Sisterwave encourages women to travel more freely and with less fear.

TBEX Europe 2022 Speakers
Jaume Marin

Jaume Marin is a tourism and destination marketing expert, Mentor and Consultant. Passionate about innovation and value creation through memorable experiences. Lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Girona and the CETT University in Barcelona, and Basque Culinary Center. Lego Serious Play Certified Facilitator. Considered in the TOP 150  most influential professionals in tourism in Spain. International speaker. Previously Marketing Director of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board, PGA Golf Catalunya and Empordà Golf Resort. Worked in Scotland in the marketing of sports and athletes in “The Scottish Sports Council”. Creator of innovative promotional experiences such as Tastemotion or Eurofoodtrip. He is also an open water swimmer.

Jussara and Jaume will join Mickela Mallozzi to discuss how the power of personal connections in tourism.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins is a travel journalist, writer, commentator, and public relations expert. Michael founded in 2000. From 2000 to 2009 he was publisher and editor of Backpacker Europe and Abroad magazines. He also published travel titles for Stena Ferries, the Business Postand others.

For over 20 years Michael has been a regular contributor to national radio, television and print as a travel expert. He also podcasts and produces travel content on YouTube.

Michael is an advisor to many tourist boards as well as sitting on the French Tourist Board International Advisory Committee.  Michael speaks on all things travel media and digital marketing at industry conferences worldwide, including ITB Berlin, TBEX and others.

Michael is based between Ireland and France and continues to travel weekly.  

Michael will discuss Google TOPICS and how new data tracking rules affect publishers, advertisers and platforms.

Jessica van Dop DeJesus

Jessica van Dop DeJesus is a widely-published travel content creator. She’s the founder and editor of the popular foodie travel website, The Dining Traveler, and the author of the coffee table book, The Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico. She manages social media accounts, creates content for travel and culinary brands.  She comes from a bicultural upbringing as she grew up in Puerto Rico and Western NY State. All of these experiences give her a broad perspective on food and travel. Jessica currently lives in Brussels.

Jessica will share how to create and monetize food travel content.

TBEX Europe 2022 Speakers
Serge Pitinov

Serge Pitinov, Partnerships Lead at Travelpayouts, is a skillful business developer with a proven track of record of successful partnerships in startups and IT.

Serge has attained strong knowledge of product launches, complex integrations, project management and stakeholders management. He is a business development specialist with a strong understanding of both technical and financial aspects. He has analyzed 100 million travel affiliate links to determine the best strategy to increase income using affiliates.

Serge will show how to gain the maximum benefit from affililate links. 

Nikita Dedik

Nikita Dedik is the Founder and CEO of Road.Travel, aiming to revolutionize car travels for the era of connected and autonomous vehicles. A passionate traveller and a big believer in technology, he takes the next step in the evolution of travel and mobility tech, by combining the latest achievements in modern technology and creating an infrastructure for autonomous travels of the future, which is Nikita’s long-term vision for Road.Travel.

Nikita will explain how create a revenue stream from the booming era of road trips.

Engin Kaban

Engin Kaban is a traveler by passion, engineer by education, startup founder, community builder and content creator by occupation. He co-founded Turkish Travelers Society in 2008. He has been building communities and blogging since then. 

He does freelance travel writing, content creation, public speaking under his brand enginEER Travel. Engin is the founder of Hello Experto, a global community of travelers for sharing personalized travel advice, and he is Tallinn chapter director for Startup Grind, the world’s largest startup community.  Engin hhas e published a travel book, has several travel writing awards, and has been interviewed dozens of times for TVs, radios, newspapers and magazines. 

Engin has a master’s degree in Innovation Studies in 2006, when the word ‘innovation’ was not a thing. He has been an entrepreneur since 2008, without knowing any theory at all about entrepreneurship or startups. Since he ‘officially’ became a startupper in 2019, he has been learning day and night, and applying these learnings into his traveltech startup.  He has been in a 6-month incubation program for travel startups in Spain, and another 3-month pre-accelerator program in Estonia. 

Engin will detail how to define and communciate Your Unique Value Proposition.

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