Flexiroam for Philippines

Message from Flexiroam X, a TBEX Asia Pacific 2016 Sponsor

Flexiroam for Philippines


Since the launch of Flexiroam X, many people have been asking us this question, “Is 1GB enough to roam overseas for a week?”

Before we answer, please allow us to ask you, “Do you know what your average daily usage of data is – especially while traveling?” The answer is that you’ll pay an average of $10 USD to subscribe for 2.5GB usage per month, but do you know where it all goes? Are you aware which phone activities use up the largest amounts of your quota; especially when you’re overseas and trying to save on data roaming charges? Well, fret not – here’s the analysis for you:

Flexiroam X

At first glance the breakdown may seem rather obvious. Yet imagine paying a huge sum for unlimited data, much of which could go unused and end up wasted when your travel holiday ends. *ouch!*

Take a moment and picture this – you’re  planning a backpacking trip around the world soon with a group of pals. You’re thrilled to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity while bonding with friends, but are concerned about your ability to stay connected with family so they won’t be worried sick about you. (At least for me, not checking in on a weekly basis results in a lecture from my mum.)

So you dole out extra cash -anywhere from $15-$40 USD, depending on the data subscription you choose, to pay for a one-time SIM card. Yet the question remains – will it be enough, or will you run out of data?


With the Flexiroam X membership you pay just $9.99 USD to use your free data for up to 12 months. Instead of paying a range of various prices for different amounts of data, you simply pay one flat rate and earn up to 100GB roaming data instead. More data. Less dollars.

Are you intrigued? For more information on our data roaming solutions – including the Flexiroam Starter Pack – visit www.flexiroamx.com. Or check us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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