First Speaker Announcements for TBEX Europe 2015

We’ve been burning the midnight oil going through all the great speakers submissions for TBEX Europe 2015 in Lloret de Mar, and we have our first group of speakers to announce. We’ll be welcoming back some returning friends as well as welcoming some speakers new to the TBEX Stage.

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Amanda Mouttaki – Amanda is a curious, world traveling mom of two boys, living in Marrakech, Morocco, with her husband and children. She obtained a university degree in project management and her passion is entrepreneurship on a global scale. In 2007 she began blogging as a hobby (Maroc Mama), transitioning it to a career during the economic crisis, and eventually launching a traditional business from her website in 2013 when she moved to Morocco.

Amanda will be speaking about building a traditional business from your blog.

Gary Bembridge – Gary Bembridge founded Tips for Travellers in 2005 to provide inspiration, advice, tips and tricks on finding and having luxurious travel experiences on both land and at sea. Draws on first-hand experiences of travelling every month of every year for over 25 years. Now focused full time on Tips For Travellers after a career in Global Marketing. The YouTube Channel has 27 million views (1,2 million/ year), the podcast over 700,000 downloads (180,000/year) and site 170,000 visitors a year. Gary is based in London.

Gary will be speaking about moving from editorial press trips to paid campaigns.

Heather Cowper – Heather Cowper is an editor and blogger at Heather on Her Travels, dedicated to inspirational travel experiences for the curious 40+ traveller who wants to enjoy travels with friends and family, exploring new cultures, tasting delicious food and soaking up the sunshine. Heather is a founding member of Travelator Media, a group of UK bloggers who work with destinations on specific campaigns to reach their target audience of the 40+ UK Quality Traveller.

Heather will be speaking about moving from editorial press trips to paid campaigns.

Ian Ord – Having spent more than half his life on the road, Ian has developed an insatiable thirst for travel. His love for the road less travelled is complimented by his passion the planet, its people, and the place tourism will responsibly fit within that realm. Travel blogger for Where Sidewalks End, host of responsible tourism twitter chats (#RTTC), past advisor & sponsor to the Travel Bloggers for Change charity, and most prominently, Founder of the boutique positive impact travel company: WSE Travel Inc., are just some of the hats Ian wears. He plays a very active role in helping bring global awareness, education and experience to those looking to travel responsibly. He hopes that one day eco, sustainable, responsible & positive impact travel will become the norm in which we all choose to see the world, and will simply be known as ‘travel’.

Ian will be speaking about building a traditional business from your blog.

Jodi Ettenberg – Jodi Ettenberg is a writer, photographer, and food-obsessed traveler exploring the world since she quit her job as a lawyer in April 2008. Jodi founded Legal Nomads to tell the stories of the places she visits, often through food. She is also the author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook, and runs small-group food walks in Saigon, Vietnam during the winter months. She has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic, BBC Travel, Singapore Airlines, CNN Travel and more. She gets the shakes if she goes too long without sticky rice.

Jodi will be leading an advanced session on leveraging your brand beyond your blog.

Nathaniel Boyle – With a background in film and theater, television production, visual design, content marketing, social media, storytelling and world travel, Nathaniel Boyle has found a natural home producing story-driven content in travel media. He’s an enthusiast of exploration and the founder of the first and only daily podcast about travel, exploring its people at the crossroads of curiosity and creativity. Within the first 6 months, The Daily Travel Podcast released 150 episodes featuring some of the biggest names in travel.

Nathaniel will speaking on how to use podcasting to enhance your content, expand your reach, and grow your authority and revenue.

Sara Robles – Sara is a hands-on solutions provider, who uses Social Media to deliver happiness, and manages blogger relationships for Tourism and Technology companies. She has 10 years experience developing Public Relations & Communication strategies in Central America, Spain and Germany, and has founded her own agency, Sarification.

Sara will be speaking on how to work with Brands, from the pitch to a long-lasting relationship.

Stephen Oddo – In 2009, Stephen co-founded a travel agency selling tickets adjacent Vatican City, then subsequently co-founded Walks of Italy, a travel company for Italy visitors offering unique sightseeing tours. Walks has become one of the largest operators of travel services in Italy, success he attributes largely to social media and content marketing strategies. Walks of New York was launched in 2014 to great success, including coverage in The NY Times and a partnership with Mario Batali. He oversees offices in Rome, Austin, and NYC, and was featured in a NatGeo documentary about traveling smart in Rome. He has traveled the globe to over 50 countries.

Stephen will be speaking in our industry track about working with travel bloggers from a company perspective, including the pros, cons, expectations, and return on investment.

We will have more speaker announcements coming up later this week. And look for the call for speakers for TBEX Asia 2015 to open up later this month.

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