Turn your Blog into a Destination Business, Thailand Speaker Session Preview

Donna Hankins

by Amanda Mouttaki

For many people the idea of starting a blog or website is a way to live a location free life. It’s a great portable business. However, if the last few years have taught us anything it is that putting all of your eggs in a single basket can have very negative effects. 

Blogs are a great way to prove your expertise and only experience. When it comes to knowing a single destination there is a lot of opportunity to narrow your focus and become a go-to resource. This is good not only for your blog but for other businesses that can grow from your blog. 

Whether you have personal obligations that keep you in one location like family or parents to care for or you simply are not interested in a living nomadically, turning your website into a destination business is a smart idea. You’ve already proven to your audience you’re an expert on the region so who better to trust with their experience?

Starting an on the ground business in addition to your website can be a lot of work but also gives some financial security – and you don’t have to have a bunch of money to get started! I started my tour company with only $50 and the skills I had learned from my website and grew it into a very successful tour company. This is something you can do too! 

If this is something that you have considered and are looking for practical advice from someone who has done just this, join me for my session where we will get your business off the ground! You don’t have to have an idea for tour business – there are loads of business ideas related to your website that are possible. 

What you can look forward to during this session; 

  • Brainstorming ideas for your business if you aren’t sure just yet what you want to do or fine tuning ideas you do have. 
  • Discuss how to structure your business and the things to consider that most new businesses push to the side until the last minute. 
  • Workshop your specific offers.
  • Create a basic marketing plan to give you a strong start. 

We will do everything in an interactive format so you should be prepared to share and work during these sessions so that you can walk away having a strong foundation to really get a business up and running. 

See you in Phuket!

Amanda Mouttaki – and 

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