December TBEX Travel Blogging Challenge:  Holidays and Festivals



A very big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our first TBEX Travel Blogging Challenge. We had 222 linked up travel blog posts, a number that simply blew us away. I hope you had a chance to discover some travel blogs and bloggers that you weren’t familiar with and, that you’ll refer back to that post often, to keep reading the great travel stories.

fireworks at Seattle space needle on new years eve

For December, our travel blogging challenge theme is:  Holidays and Festivals. We’re asking you to share a holiday or festival themed blog post with our community. We know travel is intricately entwined with celebrations, so we think it should be easy to write a post (or find something in your archives) that fits this theme. Stretch yourself, try something new, show us what you all can do. Feel free to be as traditional or non-traditional as you wish, we want you to expand our appreciation of celebrations around the world.

To participate, just click on the “add your link” button at the bottom of the post, follow the easy steps, and voila, you’ll be part of of this month’s TBEX Travel Blogging Challenge. In the spot where it asked for Name, please put the Name of your Post (not you’re personal name or the name of your blog). Also, the only way to have your post included in the round up is to click on the link tool, we will delete links included in the comments.

Because we have to be responsible in sharing content, there are a just few guidelines to keep things on the up and up.

  • Show us your best stuff. Sure, you might be learning and just starting to work on your craft; there’s no need to worry about that. Make sure your contribution represents the best you can do today and it’s all good. This is also a chance to learn and grow, no one is going to make fun of your progress.
  • Only one link per per blog and/or blogger.
  • Links are moderated to keep off-topic and spam posts out. Please be patient, we’ll get yours approved as quickly as possible. And, of course, check back to see links from new participants and click through to discover new content.
  • Remember the good old days when blogging was about sharing and being a good community member? This is a chance to bring back some of those values by sharing the TBEX community love with everyone participating in the TBEX travel blogging challenge. We hope you’ll click through and read these posts, comment, and share with your own communities via social media. It’s just a nice thing to do; it’s what blogging used to be about.
  • The theme for December 2013 is simple – sharing a blog post about a holiday or festival.

Our January travel blogging challenge will be published on January 3rd. The January 2014 theme will be Food.

Photo credit:  Mary Jo


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December 9, 2013 5:53 pm

Hi Mary Jo, I’m trying to look for this ‘add your link’ button at the bottom of the post but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. To confirm you’re not referring to this comment box which I’m typing in now? Apologies but I’m a little bit confused… Any possibility you could share the link again?

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