Extraordinary Creative Collaboration Ideas for Content Creators and DMOs, TBEX Thailand Speaker Session Preview

by Megan Singleton, www.bloggeratlarge.com

With the travel industry coming back, so too is the demand for brands to be seen and heard – again.

This is great news for bloggers and influencers, but to win these contracts you need to have a compelling proposal that will stand out from the rest.

That’s where my session on Extraordinary Creative Collaboration Ideas for Content Creators and DMOs comes in – with my secret sauce!

I’ve been travel writing since I was first published in a nationwide newspaper in New Zealand in 2000, started blogging in 2006 and started my own blog in 2009. Today it has around 150,000 page views per month and I make my money through advertising, collabs and affiliate links.

Outside of the blog I host tours for my readers and run two online stores.

But it’s the creative collaboration ideas I will tell you about at TBEX Thailand in Phuket, and show you some case studies of results I’ve been able to achieve for brands.

I’ve worked on both sides of the fence; as a travel blogger coming up with proposals to collaborate with brands, and as a PR representing brands trying to find compelling story angles to ensure great coverage by an influencer or travel writer.

My session will be a “cheat sheet” for how DMOs (Destination Marketing/Management Organizations) can attract coverage and what they can expect from an influencer, and also how bloggers and influencers can add extra value using my secret sauce) to achieve results and pick up more collaboration contracts.

In a nutshell, we’ll look at how a mini fam to a property or destination can be used by the influencer not just to get eyeballs on the evergreen content they will create, but how to also create a huge buzz around it and have readers opting in to the brand’s newsletters.

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