Increase Your Website Revenue with Dunhill Travel Deals

Since its inception in 2007, Dunhill Travel Deals, Inc. has sought out the best travel deals available and then shared these deals with our community of savvy travelers. We know a good deal when we see it, and when we see it, we pass it along to our publishers and their audience. It’s that simple. […]

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Why You Need to Know Your Travel Blog’s Reader Persona

by Edwina Dendler, The Traveling German, a guest speaker at TBEX Asia Pacific 2017 Inbound Marketing is a hot trend in the business world right now. The underlying idea of it is that by knowing its customers, and providing them with relevant and interesting content, a business can attract leads (potential new customers) naturally, rather than having […]

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Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising

Message from Agoda, a TBEX Asia Pacific 2016 Sponsor #TBEXPH Content Monetization Content Marketing and Native Advertising tend to be used without distinction, as both aim to increase brand awareness. However, both terms, and actually practices, have different goals, KPIs and benefits. Content marketing is the process of creating relevant and valuable content to attract, engage and […]

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Earn More by Publishing E-Books

The biggest challenge for travel bloggers is often one of being discovered and establishing a loyal readership. After all, if you have more readers, your blog’s monetization has more potential to earn. And if you have more readers, it’s easier to make industry contacts to help you in your travels. No matter how you look […]

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Kerwin McKenzie

Get Prepared for TBEX Europe 2016 in Stockholm: 9 Tips for First Timers

If it’s your first time attending TBEX, you are perhaps overwhelmed and frankly a little bit scared. Well, not to worry, here are nine tips to get you prepared for TBEX Stockholm. These should suffice until I see you for the my TBEX for First Timers Talk on Day 1 of the conference: Get business cards […]

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Tools to Help with your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

At the upcoming TBEX in Minneapolis Orr Shakked from TripAdvisor and I will be doing an intermediate skill level session called “Maximizing Your Affiliate Strategy Throughout the Buy Cycle”. For my portion of that talk we will be looking at some of the stats for your blog and how you can use them to: Focus […]

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Why I love TBEX and Why You Will Too.

Although it wasn’t long ago, I’ll always remember my first TBEX. It was April 2015 in Catalunya, Spain. I had been to many blogging conferences before, but never one that was focused solely on TRAVEL. Yes, there are other Travel Blogging conferences, and I have attended many of them, but no one does it like […]

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Death & Taxes: I Can Help You with Taxes

Hello Bloggers! April 15th has come and gone. (What a relief?!!)  Don’t relax just yet because now is the time to start planning for next year’s tax return. In addition, if you are like the many who filed an extension, you may still be preparing for this year’s return. Here are a few tips you […]

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We Can Teach You How to Monetize Your Blog with Print on Demand Merchandise

Monetization Strategies Can Be Elusive Travel blogging and making money can seem like mutually exclusive concepts. If you ask a travel blogger who is just starting out, “How do you plan to monetize your blog?” you get some interesting answers. Some of these, frankly, are based upon magical thinking. Many times a new blogger will […]

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Cleaning out the Blogging Closet

Remember the good old days when you first started your travel blog? It seemed that life was simpler then: you visited somewhere interesting, wrote it up, added a few photos and published a post. Then you got a few readers and life got more complicated. There was social media to update, with new channels sprouting […]

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Learn About E-Book Publishing at TBEX North America 2016

Travel bloggers build up a readership much the way we travel the globe—using a myriad of methods. From Pinterest pins and Twitter tweets, to guest posts, and podcasts, we’re caught in a continuous state of putting ourselves, our writing, and our destinations out there. But there is another less-traveled path. Books. From the early 1700s […]

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