UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Peloponnese

When somewhere has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO you know it really is special. The process isn’t exactly straight-forward as every site has to be nominated, go through several committee stages and then, if it makes the grade, it will be declared a unique landmark, with a cultural and natural heritage that

Phuket, Thailand: Content Link Roundup for TBEX Asia 2022

We want to hear your stories about TBEX Asia 2022. Stories about the conference, breakout sessions, an evening event, Pre-BEX tour, FAM trip, or anything you learned that really made an impression on you; we want it all. Whether they’re stories about people you met, deep connections you weren’t expecting to find, a partnership you arranged, or inspiration you found for a new endeavor, please share the content you created for #TBEXThailand as a result of your experiences.

TBEX Europe 2023: Exciting Second Round of Speakers Announced

The second round of speakers at TBEX Europe 2023 is a collection of 11 highly skilled professionals who will provide travel media – including tourism brands, content creators, influencers and vloggers – with constructive information, tools, and innovative strategies for success in the current travel and tourism space.

Interesting Christmas and New Year Tastes and Traditional Customs in the Peloponnese

Christmas in the Peloponnese is special! It’s a chance to see traditional customs coming to life, and to get closer to the culture and history of this beautiful corner of the earth. Some of the traditions might be familiar (but with a Greek twist of course) and others will be completely new to you. But one thing is certain – you’ll not go hungry!

Turning Your Passion for Travel into a Full Time Job: 5 Tips from Those Who Made It Happen

Many travel bloggers make the mistake of thinking that it’s impossible to turn their passion into a full-time job. The heroes of this article would say otherwise. Despite obstacles and challenges, these travel bloggers have achieved their dream of blogging for a living. Travelpayouts has collected their stories in the hopes that they will inspire you on your journey.  

How a Global Pandemic Helped my Travel Blog Boom!

by Andrew John Virtue Dobson Put your hand up if traffic to your travel blog tanked in 2020… Many bloggers spent countless hours developing niche websites over the last decade… apparently the pandemic had other plans. I know many travel bloggers who had their traffic tank up to 90% once lockdowns were enforced around the

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