Carol Cain Set for Opening Keynote at TBEX North America 2015

carolcain2015We are very excited to announce that Carol Cain will be our opening keynote for TBEX North America 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Carol Cain has always been fascinated with the way people from different backgrounds and experiences interact and take in the world around them and how it influences the way in which they share their stories. As a once terribly shy child who moved around often, she found comfort in observing how others navigated their environment and related to it.

Little did she know that this skill would follow her into a career as a public relations professional, where she worked to engage the Latino press and its community in the promotional efforts of the non-profit entities she worked for. It even encouraged her to pursue an MBA in Global Management where she could teach business leaders to look beyond the surface to find a sense of commonality and understanding among potential foreign investors and partners.

In the end, the greatest influence would be on her own story-telling style as the award-winning travel blogger at and in her quest to encourage others to go against the grain and find that unique voice in travel. She has shared her tips and stories in various English and Spanish online, TV, and print outlets and her travel photography has been featured in publications as far as OK! Magazine in Germany.

Join us in the audience to hear Carol kick off two day of outstanding professional development.

Register today.

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