Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau Invites You to Athens


On behalf of the City of Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the entire TBEX community. We invite you to read this post as a brief introduction to Athens’ highlights.

If you were asked to imagine what the city of Athens looks like and entails, you might just be surprised to learn. . . .


Athens is surrounded by a lining of striking seas and mountains, and is full of undiscovered treasures. There are a plethora of things to see and do in the city, and, usually under mild temperatures and sunny skies.

Athens is considered one of Europe’s safest capitals; its transportation network is user-friendly; there are lots of museums and archeological sites and hundreds of restaurants to satisfy every palate.

Athens’ popularity as a destination is also driven by the rising number of international airlines that fly into its modern and award-winning airport, effortlessly connecting Athens to the rest of the world. Athens is an ideal destination, as it combines state-of-the-art infrastructure and easy access from all over the world with world-class cultural attractions, modern amenities, diverse entertainment, and natural beauty. Since 2004, the city’s tourism infrastructure has undergone major transformation, and nowadays visitors can benefit from comfortable and stylish accommodations along with outstanding services.

Most importantly, Athens is a multifaceted 2,500 year-old city that is rich in history, yet modern at the same time. It is the Birthplace of Plato’s Symposia and the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games. Athens possesses the biggest pedestrian archeological site in Europe and many UNESCO cultural heritage sites. The city offers additional arts and culture aspects which include more than 40 World Class museums, including the new Acropolis museum, and a state of the art metro system, which also acts as a mini museum in some cases, as several stations have archaeological findings on display. The City of Athens operates visitor’s info-points, located around the city, and the This is My Athens Greeter’s Program which shows visitors around the city for free.


Mediterranean flavors are in abundance in Athens. During the last decade, Athenian cuisine has experienced a gourmet revolution. The traditional and world-renowned moussaka and souvlaki image has given way to a cornucopia of fine dining options. And the Athenian landscape of 19th century neoclassical buildings, ancient sites, artsy industrial and Mediterranean coastal milieus, have created a canvas for alluring interiors and exteriors. Rooftop bars and restaurants in Athens can compete with some of the world’s most renowned ones, but can they claim a view of the Acropolis?

Lastly, Athens is lined by a sophisticated and vibrant coast which offers unique experiences and activities. It is the only European Capital with about 15 Blue Flag beaches and Marinas and more than 50kms of coastline. The birthplace of the Olympic Games has a tradition of athletics and its multi-faceted landscape contributes to this purpose. Yachting, sailing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, trekking and skiing are all popular sports in Athens and its outskirts. Of course, the gorgeous summer weather is ideal for sea and sun sport enthusiasts, with crystal clear waters just minutes away from the centre of Athens. However, autumn and winter also provide opportunities for trekking and hiking on mountain trails, horseback riding, mountain-biking and skiing.

So what are you waiting for? Register for TBEX in Athens this October 23rd-25th, and make sure you have several extra days for your trip in order to enjoy the best of what our city has to offer!

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