Announcing TBEX Europe Blog Trips in Costa Brava


Remember yesterday when we told you that registering for TBEX Europe in Girona would open the door to exploring the rest of the region? I bet you looked at your calendar, thought about how much time you could spent in the Costa Brava region, and kept your fingers crossed that we’d have some exciting plans that you could take advantage of. Some of you may have started thinking that maybe, just maybe, you could swing a trip to Spain if there were additional reasons to go and stay in the area.

Go ahead, go back and look at the schedule overview, and think about what you’d want to do if you could stay in the regions for an extended bit of time. We’ll wait right here until you’re ready – because we’re pretty excited to announce the first of several opportunities that you’ll have to stay in the Costa Brava area at very little additional cost.

TBEX blog trips in GironaThe Costa Brava Tourism Board is offering 6 post-TBEX blog trips that will give travel bloggers a chance to see, taste, and experience the wonderful things to be found in the region. The trips focus on a variety of interests and activity levels and are for the purpose of allowing bloggers to discover editorial content to be published on a blog, website, or print publication.

Participation in the blog trips are by invitation only. To apply for one of these trips, you will need to fill out the application and include the standard information required for most blog trips. You may select up to 3 trips that interest you. Information will be reviewed by the Costa Brava Tourism Board and invitations extended by them.

Are you excited yet? Here are the trips that you can choose from, along with the links to find out all the specific details about the trip.

What are you waiting for? Go check out these great blog trips that will allow you to explore the Costa Brava area.

The fine print: 8 bloggers will be invited for each of the trips. Only registered travel blogger attendees can apply for these blog trips (no guests). As with all blog trips, you should plan to engage on social media to the extent possible (every effort will be made to make sure you have wi-fi access) and to provide the Tourism Board with links to all published works resulting from the trip.

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21 Responses
    1. Mary Jo Manzanares

      It is not first come, first serve. It is an application process that the Tourism Board will review (we’re collecting the data via the form and it is forwarded to them). They will be notifying bloggers who are selected. We haven’t received a deadline from them.

  1. As a family travel blogger travelling with my 2 12-year-olds, I’m a little bummed that I can’t bring them along to any of the post-conference activities. If there are any other folks coming with kids, I’d love to meet up and see if we can plan our own outings in the area.

    1. Mary Jo Manzanares

      Stay tuned, Paige. We’ll have some options that you can take advantage of that are independent. The structured trip itineraries aren’t kid friendly, but Costa Brave didn’t forget about family travelers.

  2. Blonde and Brunette (aka Kay and Anne) would like to apply for the Fishermen and Medieval Charm trip. We are avid snorkelers and fans of sailing so it looks perfect. We will have a TripButler portable wi-fi so could Tweet and post even from the boat. We are both registered for the conference.

  3. Jill Browne

    The email I just got mentions pre- and post-event trips, and gives 2 choices for each of 2 days, on a first-come, first-served basis. Where do I sign up for those? They seem to be different from the 6 trips on this page. Are they? Thanks in advance for clarifying.


  4. I signed up for everything and filled out the forms, but I have to finalize my flight info. Do you have any idea when they will make a decision on the post blogger trips? I really should lock in my travel dates soon.
    If you are able to find out when they will notify the bloggers they chose, it would be helpful. If I’m not chosen, at least I will know by a certain date to move on and book my flight home.

    1. Mary Jo Manzanares

      Costa Brava Tourism is in charge of reviewing information for blog trips. We have collected the information and have sent it on to them, so hopefully they’ll be letting participants know very soon. TBEX does not make the selection of bloggers nor the arrangements, we’re facilitators of information, but we’ll pass on your concern about needing to make flight plans.

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