5 Easy Video Marketing Strategies for Travel Industry Pros and Bloggers


How is your travel business growing online? Would you like to know a totally free and simple way increase visibility for your online brand? Whether you’re a blogger or travel industry brand, integrating a video marketing strategy into your mix is an excellent way to boost your online visibility.

lauraredprint2If you’re wondering how could you possibly fit in another ounce of content generation let alone video, check out the wonderful world of Google Hangouts On Air and use these simple strategies to produce compelling video content consistently.

Google launched their Hangouts On Air (HOA) functionality in 2012 and it’s been growing like wildfire ever since. Personally, I use HOA every week to deliver high content webinars and interviews with experts around the world. You can do Hangouts On Air right from your phone as well by downloading the Hangouts app.

Google HOA essentially allows you to host and broadcast live and recorded discussions and performances to the world for FREE through your Google+ Home page and YouTube channel. By the way, I did say “pre-recorded” video purposefully. You can set up these HOAs so that you record privately and then broadcast them once you’re ready.

With the versatile features that Google Hangouts On Air offer, the possibilities for creating highly engaging, interesting and shareable content are endless.Here are five easy video content creation and marketing strategies

1. Video on the Road or Behind the Scenes

If you’re a blogger, why not get into the moment? Start your HOA from your phone and point the camera on the scenery or a local vendor and share your commentary and new insights of the special places you’ve visit. Then tweet about the video you just created. Embed it on your blog with either a transcription of what you said or further commentary and tweet it again.

If you’re a brand, what better way to grow loyalty than to give your audience a sneak peak inside your facilities and introduce your team. Feature a staff member weekly. Or even feature your customers (who are willing to sign a video release, of course) who love you. That will get them raving about you too. Send out an email each time you do this and let your existing clients get to know your organization better.

2. The Virtual Tour 

Do you have extraordinary photos to share? Why not create an online event to share the photos of a particular location or genre (waterfalls, rain forests, deserts, cruise ship cabins, etc). Share photos via live streaming along with tips, stories, or commentary about the images. An even easier video to create (without being a live event or having to speak), could be simply to show the photos and play music in the background.

When you embed this on your blog, your written descriptions can cover what you would have said in a video. By the way, are you concerned that people will watch and not know who the source is? You can watermark your photos and create PowerPoint slides with contact and website information. If you want to spend time annotating the YouTube video, you can include clickable buttons on your video.

3. Interviews and Demos

Do you know any celebrities or C-Level executives you can feature? Set up a HOA with them and ask them juicy questions. Get the inside scoop on the services they offer. Feature chefs demonstrating a famous recipe, and highlight specialty business owners, cruise ship officers, demonstrate your product or someone else’s that is a companion to yours. If you have a venue that can offer a special discount, use this video in an email and let people know about the offer. Promote on Instagram and Pinterest. You may even want to pay for some Facebook advertising for these special offers.

4. Record the text from your blog post that accompanies the photos

If you’re really strapped for time, but want to dive into video marketing, take your existing blog posts and re-purpose them. If they have fantastic content and images, then simply read your blog post while showing the images on your HOA. You may even find you have more to say than you did in the original blog. For your audience who is more visually oriented, they will LOVE that you are offering video.

Many people enjoy podcasts. Did you know that you can easily extract audio from a video? That means you can place an mp3 file along with the video on your new blog post. That mp3 can also be used on podcast sites. If you go the podcast route be sure to get some good sound equipment.

5. Testimonials for products, recommended destinations, tours, events, guides, etc.

Who loves you? Why not video them from the comfort of their own space. That’s right, when you start a Google Hangout On Air, you can invite others to join the HOA and participate on air with you. All they need is a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam. Sometimes the recording quality is not as good as you may like, but the authenticity usually is compelling enough to make it a piece of marketing content.

Use these on your reviews pages on your website. Create press releases. Or simply add them as blog posts that your share about. Remember to send the links to these reviews to the people who gave them so they may share the links with their friends, followers, and connections online.

Re-Purpose the Video on Facebook

A strategy that you may also want apply to all the above video content is to download each HOA (as an mp4) and upload the video to your Facebook business page. Video engagement on Facebook has surpassed that on YouTube. So you can upload the video and link to your blog/website in the video description.

We have just touched the tip of the HOA video marketing iceberg. If you have a great video you’ve done with Google Hangouts On Air, please share it in the comments below and inspire others with one of the EASIEST video creation tools available today that is FREE.

Author Bio:  Laura Rubinstein is an award winning digital media strategist, marketing consultant, Certified Hypnotherapist, and author of the bestselling book Social Media Myths Busted. She is the creator of the Savvy Social Media Success System, and co-founder of Social Buzz Club. During the past 20 years, Laura has optimized marketing strategies for over 1,000 businesses. Her profit-generating strategies, and popular blog at make her a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

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