Xuan Lan

TBEX Europe 2022 Keynote Speaker
Xuan Lan is a yoga teacher, wellness expert and author of two best selling books. Xuan uses her social networks and Youtube (total of 2.5 million followers), her wellness online platform (XLY Studio), her blog and books (100.000 books sold) to spread the traditional yoga teachings through my accessible and easy  methodology: how to integrate good healthy habits, yoga and meditation in our everyday life. She was on the cover of Forbes magazine in 2020, and received the ELLE wellness award. Born and raised in France, she  started practicing yoga in NYC 20 years ago. Now based in Barcelona, she is a yoga instructor who is passionate about its healing and balancing power, its science, values and philosophy. Her mission is to offer and teach these techniques to as many people as possible, to help them find inner peace and create more harmony among all. Xuan will deliver the Closing Keynote on June 9.

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