Jussara Pellicano-Botelho

Jussara Pellicano┬áis the CEO of Sisterwave, the community for women who travel alone. Addicted to traveling and discovering new destinations, the idea of Sisterwave emerged in her adventures around the world. The startup inaugurated the presence of Brazil as champion of the Global Tourism Startups Competition, of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in the category Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5): Gender Equity and won the Turistech Challenge of the Ministry of Tourism and Wakalua, among others. Sisterwave, the global community of support and local connections for women who love to travel. In it, the sisters (community members) can participate in the social network among female travelers; acquire or offer travel-related services to each other. And they can even exchange information directly with the other sisters through chat, or by participating in groups. Sisterwave’s purpose is to bring more gender equity to travel and this is done through the union of the power of sisterhood and technology! Sisterwave encourages women to travel more freely and with less fear. Jussara, Jaume Marin, and Mickela Mallozzi will join a panel discussion moderated by Fierita Catalano on the power of personal connections in tourism

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