Speed Networking For Sponsors

TBEX is pleased to offer you the opportunity to create valuable business relationships by using our Speed Networking appointments at TBEX Europe in Catania, Italy. Our speed networking system will open 30 days before the event.  You can then create your profile to search participating attendees, request Speed Networking appointments, and manage your schedule.

What is Speed Networking at TBEX?



One on One pre-set meetings between content creators and our travel industry brand sponsors. The meetings last 8 minutes each.

TBEX sponsors remain at their tables, while the content creators move around the room to their pre-set appointments.

There is a two-minute space between each appointment to allow the content creators to move to their next meeting. We make announcements over the PA system letting you know when there is one minute remaining in your meeting, and when it is time for the creators to move to their next meeting.

One month before TBEX; Sponsors and Content Creators receive an invitation to our software system allowing them to set up their own profile. Browse and review the profiles of other attendees and request appointments with attendees they are interested in doing business with.

Brand sponsor’s profiles show a description of their products and services, and the type of creators they are interested in working with.

Content Creator’s profiles show a description of their blogs, websites, YouTube channels and all of their social channels.  Creators also describe the type of content they produce on their channels and they type of brands they are interested in working with.

Our software shows the number of followers the creators have on each of these social channels and if the creator opts in; the Google analytics for their website.

Only registered Travel Content Creators , and TBEX Sponsors  who have reserved a table are allowed to participate in Speed Networking.  will receiving invitations to the software system.

Speed Networking Dates & Times:

Thursday, March 12th : 3:15 pm – 5:15 pm

Friday, March 13th : 3:15 pm – 5:15 pm


Note: Sponsors are new blogger attendees are being added daily, so it is best practice to regularly review the new company profiles.