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The Catalan Tourist Board (CTB) is the official body of the Government of Catalonia in charge of promoting
and supporting marketing of Catalonia’s tourist resources, both in the rest of Spain and abroad. Its purpose
is to consolidate the image of the country as a diverse top-range tourist destination. A strategic goal of the
CTB is to work out an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable tourist model for Catalonia.
Sustainability has become a main decision-making criterion for customers when choosing a holiday or
breakaway destination.

The CTB has a presence in more than 30 countries around the world through its 12 Network Offices. This
Network of Offices works to maintain contact with the local media and key tourism-related players to
ensure that our tourist destination receives coverage and maintains professional relations with all the

In order to establish a presence in the main source markets and to penetrate new markets with excellent
potential, it monitors the main tourism indicators and studies the development of each market to
determine new promotional and commercial opportunities for the Catalan tourism industry.

Its main mission is to contribute to the prosperity of Catalonia and its tourism sector, to be its voice abroad,
attracting and meeting the needs of tourism with greater added value. And to achieve it, by becoming the
marketing leader for the Catalan tourism sector, collaborators and tourists, as well as an international
benchmark. Following values of innovation, going beyond standards, proactivity, positive thought,
commitment, global vision and empathy. In order to be more united in action, find solutions and meet
common goals.



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