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The raw splendor of Yellowstone National Park doesn’t stop at the park boundary—it spills on for miles, encompassing an extraordinary part of Montana we call Yellowstone Country. Get away from your getaway and head north to this remarkable place where scenic routes and winding rivers cut through a landscape so unreal you’ll be picking your jaw up off the ground. Small towns in this part of the West are so enchanting you’ll consider whether or not you should start calling one of them home. Travel the Beartooth Highway—called the most scenic drive in the country—hike, fish, bike and backpack in captivating wild country, and soak up the magic in a valley so exquisite they named it Paradise. Explore bustling main streets lined with museums, galleries, theaters, breweries, food trucks, fine dining, cafés and coffee shops. Discover the Yellowstone you haven’t seen yet.


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