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We’re so happy to share our Hashtag Rx lists with you. Vitamin H by Juiced Social is an intelligent hashtag recommendation tool that uses complex AI to find the best, most engaged and niche specific hashtags for you. The result is a highly curated and up-to-the-moment list. Vitamin H Rx lists are different. You won’t find any banned hashtags and you won’t see all the “same old” tired tags that simple searches surface.

Healthy hashtags help your account get discovered while helping others find the specific content they are looking for. Using hashtags authentically and responsibly is good for your account and the entire social ecosystem.

We scan over 50 million posts with each harvest, to bring you the best hashtags. A human would spend a minimum of 18-30 hours researching and analyzing to find the top performing tags on any one of our lists. They would have to repeat the process every two weeks. Get back to creating the content you love. Leave the hashtag harvesting to us!


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