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About Go RVing
In 1994, a forward-thinking group of RV industry thought leaders conceived the idea of creating an all-industry marketing campaign that united the three branches of the industry necessary for a positive consumer experience – the RV manufacturers, the RV dealers and the campgrounds. Together they formed a coalition with the mission of growing the RV camping industry by educating the American public about the joys of RVing. The coalition named the program Go RVing, which also serves as a consumer call-to-action.

More than two decades later, with the support of the RV Industry Association and RV Dealers Association, Go RVing continues to be a leader of introducing Americans to the freedom of RV travel and continues to build a desire and passion of the adventures that await.

The Campaign
The Go RVing ads debuted in 1997. Starting out on television, radio, print and direct mail, the campaign has evolved as technology has emerged and now reaches audiences on all social media and cutting-edge, digital marketing platforms. The Go RVing website launched and has grown as American media consumption has changed. The addition of the Away video microsite in 2015 allows Go RVing to tell its story through the words and experiences of real RVers.

While the channels to disperse the Go RVing messaging have and will continue to evolve, the mission of Go RVing has remained constant – to grow the RV market. Please click to view the latest television spots.

In addition to its consumer-focused marketing efforts on behalf of the industry, Go RVing provides manufacturers, dealers, campground operators, state associations, show promoters, and their agencies with access to consumer leads, an Image and video Library, industry best practices, and other marketing tools in the Industry-Only section.

How It’s Supported
Go RVing is a partnership between the RV Industry Association and the RV Dealers Association and relies on both manufacturer members and dealer partners to provide support to grow the campaign and raise awareness of RVing.

A portion of all income generated from the purchase of RV Industry Association seals goes to support the Go RVing campaign. Every RV produced by a member manufacturer must display the association’s seal. This seal represents a member manufacturer’s self-certification of compliance to uniform RV standards across the industry.

The Go RVing Coalition, an advisory body with members representing the RV Industry Association, the RV Dealers Association and RV/camping associations, meets annually each June. The coalition is co-chaired by members representing both the RV Industry Association and RV Dealers Association.


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