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Destination Missoula
There’s this place where solitude, wilderness and adventure are only minutes from gourmet restaurants, funky local shops and a killer music scene. It’s a place surrounded by mountains where trails start at your front door. This place is Missoula, Montana, and it has the unparalleled natural beauty and cultural vibrancy to make your experience unforgettable.

Nestled in the Northern Rockies of Montana, surrounded by seven wilderness areas and at the confluence of three rivers, Missoula is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. On any given day you’ll see anglers gracefully casting in the Clark Fork River. Downstream kayakers and river surfers perform athletic feats atop the man-made Brennan’s Wave. Tubing becomes an alternative form of transportation in the summer as people ride the river right through town. Off the water, they use the trail system that crisscrosses the city, or they cycle the country’s friendliest streets.

Missoula is a hive of cultural activities. Its music venues regularly appear on national lists of best places to catch a concert, and you can find a show almost any night of the week. The first Friday of each month is dedicated to celebrating art with downtown galleries and shops welcoming patrons with drinks and appetizers after normal business hours.

People seek solitude outside, but they also forge a tight community, coming together while shopping for local produce at farmers markets and attending brew fests that seem to occur every other weekend. Missoula is also a regional destination for shopping and dining, with an abundance of shops, restaurants, cafes, and breweries to fit all budgets and palates.

Adventure meets variety in Missoula. It is a place of small-town values and urban amenities, where you can paddle or hike all day and take in a play or concert in the evening. It is a place of mountains and rivers, families and students, art and trails. And it’s time to see this place for yourself.


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