What is Structured Data and How Does It Help On-Page SEO?

September 13, 2019 11:45 am - 12:35 pm

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Sante Joseph Achille 

Structured data is the ultimate frontier of advanced “on page” SEO Modelling: search engines rely on it to understand what a page is about. There is a lot of talk about Structured Data in the shape and form of Rich Snippets, but far less information is available about the underlying principles. This workshop offers a detailed and complete overview of the topic. Participants will get answers to the fundamental questions: What is Structured Data? How do we define Structured Data? Why is it so important for your website? Which are the benefits of structured data? Do and Structured Data help SEO? How does structured data work? What are Schemas? How is Structured Data implemented? How can I add structured data to my website? What is JSON-LD and how does it work with Structured Data? Thanks to the considerable amount of experience in 24 years of professional activity, Sante will address these complex topics in a simple and straight forward language which is easily understandable to a digital marketing audience in need of actionable, straight forward methods to analyse a website and decide how to add structured data to a website. This is a practical workshop that will help you leapfrog your website into the age of Augmented Intelligence.




– Understand Linked Data & The Semantic Web

– Learn the tools and language in Semantic Modelling

– Semantic SEO Techniques: Conceptual modelling of a website

– Create a knowledge graph for your website

– Real life examples to use as models