Passport To Pitching

September 12, 2019 10:35 am - 11:25 am

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Tomiko Harvey
Sienna Spencer-Markles

This session is for bloggers that are ready to go on press trips, pitch a destination or hotel, or are proposing a brand sponsorship.

Having the credentials (great blog, social media numbers etc) will get you in the door but it’s also about building a relationship. It’s also about conveying your ideas and how they align with the brand you are pitching to. (Hotel, CVB, PR Agency or Tourism Board).

Tomiko will provide advice from the blogger’s side on how to pitch with the right information to gain success. Sienna will provide advice from the PR side, based on experience working for some of the Los Angeles region’s biggest attractions and destinations.


Session Take Aways:


– Pitch to The right person

– Find Emails – Master the Art of Introduction

– Selling yourself as an authority

– What are your Strengths

– Concise Ideas regarding the destination ( Do your homework)

– Understand Business Terminology

– Understand Marketing Person has a performance review as well

– Show Value

– Ask

– Create multiple storyline

– Don’t Always say yes

– Under Promise and Over