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How We Achieved One Million Blog Visitors in Seven Months

September 12, 2019 10:35 am - 11:25 am

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Keith and Tina Paul

Telling a fantastic story and posting beautiful pictures is necessary for a great blog. But, what if no one is visiting your website? While you have the best chance with good and useful content, you need to make your blog known. Content is king – but even kings have helpers. We will show you the steps to follow to get steady traffic to your blog and build a great social media following. There is no need to just sit back and wait. We will give you the steps we used to reach one million visitors in less than a year. This information is perfect for those just starting a blog as well as those who are frustrated by low blog traffic.


Session Take Aways:

How to create your first content fast
Do SEO right the first time
How to simplify posting on all social media platforms
How many pictures should I use?
How to create a stellar about me page
Ways to get backlinks
How to advertise your website by following the right people
Business cards are cheap networking, use them