Growing from Video Blogger to Industry Videographer

September 13, 2019 11:45 am - 12:35 pm

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Scott Herder

Scott shares the lessons he’s learned from working on video for his blog and blogging campaigns to working behind-the-scenes on traditional and corporate marketing campaigns beyond the travel sphere. He will talk about the shifts in focus and mindset, as well as the necessary planning, collaborating, and other production skills leading to the final project – including the mistakes he’s learned in between.




Pre-Production – Planning/Storyboarding Phase

Initial conversation – FIND THE GOAL/STORY

When a client has a storyboard

Presenting a storyboard (when they don’t provide one)

Follow up and Planning the Dates Production

Shooting days, how to prepare

How to behave Post-Production

Follow up after the shoot

Rounds of edits Working solo vs working as part of a media group

Examples of how working solo, versus working with a media team or as production for an agency group like Brave World Media.

How much to charge

What questions to ask

How much do I charge + recommendations for experience level

Example invoices