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Every Visitor Matters: Embracing Diversity in Travel Marketing and PR

September 13, 2019 11:45 am - 12:35 pm

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Annette Richmond 
Cory Lee Woodward
Martinique ‘Marty’ Lewis
Jenna Howard

70% of multicultural travelers support brands where they see themselves reflected. They go where companies make the effort to identify with them and show that Diversity and Inclusion is important. A lot of brands want the support of the multi cultural traveler but don’t know how to get it. All travel dollars matter is a panel discussing the issues and solutions within multicultural marketing within the travel industry. Including some of the industries most successful brands we will discuss why diversity and inclusion is important to companies, their customers and campaigns. Join us as we tackle the real issues and provide the best solutions!


Session Takeaways:


-The advantage of including everyone

-Why you should work with a diverse list of influencers

-Why its important to have diversity within your brand so it shows outwardly

-Steps to securing multicultural travelers business