SEO For Bloggers: How To Get Sweet Search Traffic In The Quickest Time  – SOLD OUT

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 11, 9am-2pm (5 hours)
Number of Participants: 12
Cost: $150.00 (USD)
Speaker: Sharon Gourlay

Description: Search engine traffic is the best traffic. Once you have a good SEO strategy in place on your blog then traffic keeps coming to your site month after month, year after year, without you having to do anything.

It’s so much easier and less time consuming that dealing with social media accounts. It’s also more effective because the best part is that search engines bring very targeted traffic—people who want to read exactly what you are publishing.

This session is designed to improve your search engine optimization so you can get that sweet search traffic as soon as possible while removing all the technical talk and complexities. We will concentrate on the strategies that have the biggest effect in the shortest time possible.

SEO isn’t difficult, it isn’t scary and it’s going to be your new best friend after this workshop!

In this session, you will learn:
What SEO is and why it is the best traffic in the universe
The key to SEO: the one statement that will tell you exactly what you need to concentrate on for results
The two most powerful strategies in SEO—links and keywords—and exactly how to implement them
How to use SEO to make more money from your blog

You’ll put lessons learned into place on your own blog during the workshop. You’ll walk away with your own keyword plan for your next article, a checklist of what you are going to work on, and the exact strategy for how you are going to get greater search traffic consistently.

Sharon is a former travel blogger and SEO dork who loves working with and teaching others. Sharon has used the proven SEO strategies she teaches across many sites including her former travel blog, where she received hundreds of thousands of page views a month courtesy of Google, and her newest blog where she hit 20,000 page views just four months after hitting publish on her first keyworded post without any social media promotion. When Sharon is not blogging or traveling with her three young kids, She teaches others how to build successful blogs on and in her Facebook group, DNW – Making Money From Blogging.


Getting Started Podcasting

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 11, 9am-2pm (5 hours)
Number of Participants: 12
Cost: $150.00 (USD)
Speaker: Chris Christensen

Description: Learn from a veteran travel podcaster who reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners each year through Amateur Traveler, This Week in Travel, and Passport Podcast. In this workshop you’ll discover the tools, techniques, and strategies to get started off right in launching a podcast that grows into a successful venture.

Discuss choosing the right podcast content for your goals
Learn how to choose a podcast format: monologue, interview, round-table
Learn how to record a podcast
Learn how to edit a podcast with Audacity or GarageBand
Learn how to promote a podcast

Chris is the creator of, which includes a couple of audio podcasts and a blog. His travel podcasts were downloaded around 1.9 million times in 2017.

The Amateur Traveler is 13 years old. Chris has won a Lowell Thomas Award, 4 NATJA awards, and a SMITTY Award from Travel+Leisure as the “best independent travel journalist”. He also runs a site called which connects bloggers and companies, including for meet-ups at TBEX.


VIDEO EDITING: How to Tell Effective Travel Stories Through Video

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 11, 9am-2pm (5 hours)
Number of Participants: 12
Cost: $150.00 (USD)
Speaker: Anton Diaz

Description: In a Video-first storytelling world, telling stories through video is the number one skill you have to master. Editing your first few videos is very hard but like in any craft, it gets easier over time with practice.

I’ve been blogging for 13 years and was very comfortable with telling stories through photo essays. I created the blog when my first son was born and it was a love letter to our 4 sons with the hope that they would read it when they grow up. Up to now, my sons haven’t read the blog but when I created my first family video they would watch it over and over again on our youtube channel. This is the time I realized that the future of food and travel storytelling is in a video.

I’ll share with you hacks on how to teach yourself video editing and make the learning process fun. This is from a point-of-view of a pro blogger turned into a video storyteller and a vblogger. Sure, you can learn a lot of the video editing techniques from Youtube but its more fun (and faster) learning it from someone with a travel blogging background.

In this workshop, you will learn:
• how to set up an efficient editing workflow to tell compelling stories through video
• how to edit video stories for Facebook, Youtube or IGTV
• how to incorporate music, transitions, and other effects in your video
• how to incorporate drone shots or 360 videos effectively

Important: Attendees must bring their own computer/laptop capable of handling video:
• Computers/laptops must have working USB port(s)
• Attendees must have, use, be familiar with, or be able to download Adobe Premiere Pro and
have it installed in advance. (A free 30-day trial is available from Adobe, or the software is
available to purchase with plans beginning at $20.99/month.)
• Attendees must bring their own headphones or earbuds

Anton worked for the biggest multinational company in the Philippines for 12+ years, straight out of college, before becoming a full-time Online Entrepreneur. He was the Chief Information Officer of Procter & Gamble Philippines when he finally quit his day job and decided to take his blog, Our Awesome Planet, to the next level in 2008., which he started in 2005, is the number #1 food and travel media in the Philippines and ASEAN with millions of followers still organically growing. His advocacy is to promote the “Food and Travel Secrets in the Philippines” and to inspire Filipinos that living in the Philippines is truly awesome!

In 2015, Anton Diaz received the first Tourism Star Award for media by the Department of Tourism for his valuable contribution in promoting Philippine cuisine and destinations through
his blog Our Awesome Planet thereby encouraging tourists to visit and taste the best in what the Philippines has to offer.

Our Awesome Planet is recognized as one of the Top 50 Travel Blogs in the world! Check out the Youtube and Facebook Channel @OurAwesomePlanet.


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