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Rosewood Writing Retreats focuses on writers, specifically travel writers, who need a getaway to get things done.

Every since we saw this property, we knew it had to be used for one thing: a place for writers, editors, bloggers, and other creatives to come and do deep work:

-finishing a first draft of a book
-editing a documentary
-processing a huge batch of photos from a trip you’ve just wrapped up
-banging out an entire month’s worth of blog posts
-finishing some big feature assignments
-recording a series of videos for your audience
-writing the materials for a course you’re planning to launch

We have kitted the space out with everything you need to have a week of productivity like you’ve only dreamed of, from a library stocked with thousands of magazines (for those looking to work on their pitches) and the best examples of travel narrative writing and books on craft (for those wanting to work on big stories or book-length projects) to dozens of unique writing spaces for every temperament—even if you’d like to try a new one every day!

For $150 per week, you’ll get a private room with writing desk and full access to the entire facility, including the sauna.

You can also opt to have your food prepared for you in advance according to your preferences with produce from our and other local farms and set up for your arrival, so you don’t have to break your work flow thinking about what to eat or preparing food. Personalized, brain-fueling food will all be there for you to grab or quickly heat up and eat.

At TBEX, we will also be announcing our fall and winter line-up of guided retreats and intensive workshops.

For the speed networking, we are looking to meet with writers who would be interested in an individual residency or one of our weekend- or week-long events focused on increasing travel writing income.

You can find more information about our location, layout, farm, and residency program on our website:


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