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Moravian-Silesian region is a colourful area full of contrasts where on one hand you can find unspoiled green mountain areas and amazing industrial sights on the other one.
Nowhere else besides Ostrava will you find so many architectural styles and whole suburbs influenced by the industrial revolution. Ostrava reflects the beauty and richness of the First Republic (the period of 1918 – 1938 of independent Czechoslovakia) and boasts a city hall which includes the tallest look-out tower in the country. Old mines and steel-mills now attract visitors to the city.

Venture over to the Jeseníky mountains to inhale the cleanest air in Central Europe. The majestic peak of Praděd (4,893 ft / 1,491 m) is the highest mountain in Moravia and Silesia, surrounded by unspoiled nature, dormant volcanoes and pure air.

Visit the White Pearl of Silesia, the town of Opava, and its many architectural gems. The Silesian area around Opava is associated with stories of famous personalities. The genius Beethoven lived here and the Russian Tsar, Alexander I, deliberated, along with the crowned heads of other European countries.
Few travel destinations offer such a comprehensive mosaic of interesting and attractive places as Moravské Kravařsko. History literally flowed through the gently rolling landscape along the Odra River between Fulnek on the north and Nový Jičín on the south. This was the birthplace of the founder of genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel, where the Hussites settled, and where the Teacher of the Nation, John Amos Comenius, journeyed through the towns and villages.

For those of you looking for a place where the words “tradition” and “custom” aren’t empty advertisement clichés, we offer traditional folklore in the Těšín area. The customs of three neighbouring countries come together here.

Wander around the Beskydy Mountains, where the unspoiled nature is combined with the traditional roots of the indigenous people. This area unfolds below Lysá hora, the queen of the Beskydy Mountain peaks, where the views will take your breath away. The beauty of Štramberk, with its narrow alleyways that wind among traditional wooden houses, reflects the fact that this ancient village is nick-named the Moravian Bethlehem.
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