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About The Moorings
Our story began in 1969 when Navy veteran and sailing enthusiast Charlie Cary decided to turn his passion into a new business. Starting with just six Pearson yachts, The Moorings offered travelers a unique way to explore the islands and experience the thrill of sailing. The Carys worked tirelessly to make this new concept successful. Living out of a small hotel right next to their marina in Road Town, the couple cared for each customer like family and, in turn, earned their longstanding loyalty. Soon enough, The Moorings started to grow. Charlie and Ginny expanded their fleet, offering larger yachts and Crewed charters while hiring staff from the local community to help carry the company into the future.

About Sunsail
Maximizing vacations, minimizing footprints
We love the destinations we sail in, and the people and animals who live there. To protect their combined futures, we’re working to reduce our impact on the environment and local communities.

We use local labour and suppliers, biodegradable cleaning products and innovative products such as solar torches and LED lighting. By minimizing negative social, economic and environmental impacts, we hope to preserve these amazing destinations for generations to come.

Our achievements
We want to lead the way in responsible tourism. Some of the things we’ve achieved so far include:

Investing £10 million in developing our base in Tortola.
Using biodegradable cleaning products such as Ecover.
Building a better working relationship with local communities.
Ensuring our suppliers operate in a sustainable and responsible way.
Reducing our carbon footprint at our bases and sales offices.
Building an award-winning LEED certified office in Clearwater, Florida.
Funding environmental impact research in St. Vincent.
Specifying the inclusion of holding tanks.
Pioneering the use of environmentally correct fouling.


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