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The Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) is dedicated to creating economic impact through tourism. The effects of our “invisible industry” benefit everyone living in Dane County in key areas including jobs, community services and quality of life. The latest economic impact data released by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism indicates the strength of the tourism industry—particularly in Dane County, where we experienced a 7% increase in tourism dollars spent compared to the prior year. This exceptional growth reflects the strategic and focused efforts the GMCVB devotes to our local economy.

What We Do

• Attract new conventions, sporting events and competitions to the community
• Provide expert service and support to existing and repeat events
• Share comprehensive and easy-to-access information with visitors
• Conduct and analyze tourism research
• Build our local economy!

Why It Matters

• Tourism may be an invisible industry, but in 2017, visitors contributed $2.1 billion dollars in total business spending, which supported more than 21,915 full-time equivalent jobs in Dane County. That’s 11% of tourism-related jobs in the entire state!

• In the absence of the state and local taxes generated by tourism, each Dane County household would need to pay $730 to maintain the current level of government services.

• Tourism is often the first impression of our community for potential business investors and innovators who may become residents that, in turn, expand our intellectual capacity and growth. Our efforts help make an impactful impression of the greater Madison area.


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