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CreAgent Marketing is a boutique agency combining decades of marketing and content experience among two principal owners: Dave Rochelle and Sean Lukasik.

Our team is built to help you succeed. Every day, we build the content, strategy, and overall framework for marketing your products, services or ideas in all the best ways. We work with a variety of clients representing different sizes, industries, and sectors throughout upstate New York.

We won’t say that we know everything, but years of experience in our individual fields give our team a certain edge. We leverage that expertise for proven results and exceptional client service. We listen to the organizations we partner with and evaluate our campaigns to ensure that our work is ahead of the curve, while complementing industry trends.

Digital Strategy
Your digital presence is everything. CreAgent offers exceptional web design options and Search Engine Optimization. For businesses small and large, we use market research and analytics to develop strategic digital campaigns that complement traditional and earned media.

Content Creation
In addition to having an award-winning videographer and photographer on staff, CreAgent specializes in content creation for blogs, print and digital ad campaigns and the contribution of information to various media resources.

Brand Development
We want to be with your ideas each step of the way. From logo design to web building to strategic consulting, CreAgent Marketing works to best position your brand for success, while providing continued hands-on support.

Social Media
Social media is a great tool, when used effectively. We work to establish your brand’s social presence, create a cohesive voice and online identity, determine your target audience and disseminate information strategically while evaluating campaign success.


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