From Traveler to Travel Writer: How to Turn Your Wanderlust into Winning Travel Writing

Date & Time: Wednesday 25 July 9am-2pm (5 hours), Thursday 26 July 9am-2pm (5 hours)
Number of Participants: 12
Cost: $200.00 (USD)
Speakers: David Farley

Description: Everyone wants to be a better writer. This workshop, led by award-winning travel writer (and former NYU writing professor) David Farley, will help you learn to do just that. Starting with your concept, and progressing through to a finished piece, you’ll learn the life cycle of a travel story and how to make yours better. You’ll leave this workshop with solid takeaways on how to improve your writing, including:


David Farley is the author of “An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of the Church’s Strangest Relic in Italy’s Oddest Town” and “Underground Worlds: A Guide to Spectacular Subterranean Places.” He’s a Contributing Writer at AFAR magazine and his writing regularly appears in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, National Geographic Traveler, and BBC. He has taught travel writing at Columbia University and NYU.


How to Build a Better Blogging Brand: From Branding Strategy to Monetization

Date & Time: Thursday 26 July 9am-2pm (5 hours)
Number of Participants: 15
Cost: $150 (USD)
Speaker: Bret Love & Mary Gabbett

Description: With thousands of new bloggers entering the field each year, how do you make your blog stand out? How do you find your niche, then establish yourself as an authority within it? And how can you capitalize on that authority, selling your expertise rather than your soul? Building on 25 years of journalism experience and 40 years of combined business management experience, Bret Love & Mary Gabbett have created a mastermind-style workshop designed to help refine your branding vision and provide a blueprint for blogging success. This 8-hour workshop guides you through every step of the branding process, from crafting your mission statement and elevator pitch to PR outreach, working with media, and monetization. By the end, you’ll walk away inspired and empowered to grow your blog bigger and better than ever before. This workshop sold out at TBEX Ireland in 2017 and space is limited to 15 people, so reserve your spot early!

“I attended TBEX Costa Brava as a speaker, but also wanted to use my time there to further my blog and brand. From the first 10 minutes I knew this workshop would be a good investment. Not only did I learn a lot about my own voice, I was able to make decisions and get feedback from other participants as well as Bret and Mary. Since implementing their advice I’ve seen a big change in my website and business. I could not more highly recommend this course!” –Amanda Anzio Mouttaki of MarocMama

“Attending Bret and Mary’s workshop on Branding was one of the smartest financial decisions I’ve made in recent memory. From focusing my message to community building and finding my voice as a writer and then using it to create a brand, they crafted a tutorial that has helped redirect my energy into concrete building blocks for growing my site.” -Michael Miszczak of Just a Pack

Bret Love is a journalist/editor with over 25 years of print and online experience. As a blogger, he’s built a niche ecotourism/conservation site, Green Global Travel, into one of the top travel blogs in the world by combining inspiring storytelling, sound SEO, and innovative approaches to social media. He’s become increasingly in-demand as a speaker, covering topics ranging from branding and social media marketing to responsible travel and how DMOs can work with bloggers. He’s also made a name for himself as a branding/content strategy consultant, advising companies such as International Expeditions and Zegrahm Expeditions.
Mary Gabbett spent 10 years running an industrial psychology company, coordinating with Fortune 500 executives to define their corporate identity, providing technical support and customer service, and managing clients and employees. As the co-founder of ecotourism/conservation site Green Global Travel, she oversees all organizational aspects of running the business, manages an extensive internship program, coordinates social media strategy and website maintenance, and contributes photography and videography.


Video Editing: Turning the Madness into Magic

Date & Time: Thursday 26 July 9am-1pm (4 hours)
Number of Participants: 15
Cost: $120 (USD)
Speakers: Nik & Dusty Green

Description: Editing. It’s arguably the most dreaded part of the video production process. It’s hard. It’s intimidating. It’s complicated. It’s time consuming. It’s not worth the effort. Better to farm out the editing and pay someone else to do it. Right? Well, at least that’s what most people seem to think.
But imagine, for a minute, the crazy idea that editing video isn’t actually hard. It isn’t all that intimidating. That editing can in fact be fun. And that yes! You can do it, and do it well! That’s the idea behind this intimate, hands-on workshop with Lone Star Emmy-nominated producers Nikki and Dusty Green of the PBS/Create TV travel show Two for the Road. Whether you’re brand new to editing or you’ve been working for years to fine tune your skills, you’ll learn hands-on, real-world video editing tips and techniques that will change the way you think about editing, give you the confidence to edit your own material, and make you a better overall video storyteller.

Among other things, participants will:


Nik and Dusty Green are the travelers/hosts/videographer/producers behind the three-time Lone Star Emmy-nominated program “Two for the Road,” one of the fastest growing, most inspiring new adventure travel shows airing nationwide across the U.S. on PBS stations and Create TV.
After quitting their jobs and selling their possessions back in 2007, Nik and Dusty started the Two for the Road travel blog, with a focus on producing experiential video content from the world’s most fascinating and beautiful places. They brought “Two for the Road” to television in 2017 and continue to share their stories and adventures with growing audiences both on-line and over the air.

Important: Attendees must bring their own computer/laptop capable of handling video:
• Computers/laptops must have working USB port(s)
• Attendees must have, use, be familiar with, or be able to download Adobe Premiere Pro and have it installed in advance. (A free 30-day trial is available from Adobe, or the software is available to purchase with plans beginning at $20.99/month.)
• Attendees must bring their own headphones or earbuds


SEO Bootcamp: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Traffic  

Date & Time: Thursday 26 July 9am-2pm (5 hours)
Number of Participants: 15
Cost: $150 (USD)
Speakers: Gemma Armit & Laura Lynch

Description: Here’s the bottom line: your blog cannot survive in 2018 without an SEO strategy. But we know that learning SEO isn’t easy and it can seem too difficult to tackle for beginners. This workshop is designed to make learning SEO fun and easy. We turn complicated techniques into a simple and easy-to-understand strategy, so you can start using it to bring more traffic to your site immediately.

Our SEO Bootcamp is intense, but the lessons we will cover during this TBEX workshop will change the way you create content and will help you grow your traffic faster than any other method. We’ll make sure you leave this workshop knowing everything you need to succeed at SEO.

Lesson 1: Intro to SEO – Meet Your New Best Friend
What You’ll Learn:


Lesson 2: Killer Keyword Research
What You’ll Learn:


Lesson 3: The Anatomy of an SEO’d Post
What You’ll Learn:


Lesson 4: Build your Brand and Authority
What You’ll Learn:


Gemma and Laura are the brains behind Make Traffic Happen — a website full of free resources, a Facebook support group, and two successful eBooks. After presenting their proven SEO strategy to a packed-out audience in Ireland last October, the team behind Make Traffic Happen have returned to work with a small group of bloggers who are serious about winning at SEO. Gemma and Laura know this proven strategy works because they developed and use it themselves. Gemma increased her site’s page views by 291% in one year, even while working full time as a high school teacher. Laura doubled her traffic in the first year of using this strategy, then doubled it again the year after. It works for those who work it.

It’s not magic. It is a proven strategy and set of techniques which Make Traffic Happen will share during this intimate, structured, and actionable workshop.

Sign-up HERE. Space is limited.