Digital Storytelling

Make Your Travel Podcast Visual

Main Hall Backstage July 27, 2018 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

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Palle Bo

Radio and podcasts can be visual if we try. It’s a cliché but true that ‘radio is the theatre of the mind.’ We can and should take our listeners with us on the journey. For this, we need to be able to tell stories and paint pictures with sound by describing what we see, smell and feel, and letting them hear the scooters of Hanoi, the carnival of Rio and the local market as you try to bargain your way a good price. Palle Bo uses his 33 years of radio experience in producing his podcast, The Radio Vagabond Podcast as he travels non-stop to every country in the world.

In this keynote, Palle Bo will demonstrate:
– Why recording in the streets can be so much better than a clean studio sound.
– Why and how we constantly should be looking for stories.
– Why we shouldn’t be afraid that the listeners think that our stories are boring. By being personal, by sharing what’s going on in your travel life the more, the listeners will feel like they are your friend – and follow you to the end of the world.
– How Palle Bo records and produces his own podcast, and share examples.
– He will show you how he works and edits in ProTool – which can be applied to almost any other editing software.
– There will be tips, tricks and inspiration to take away and use the next day – both for the experienced travel podcaster and for those who are thinking about starting one.