Emerging Destinations

Practical Tips for Bringing Destinations to Life Through Travel Writing

Exhibition Hall July 27, 2018 10:35 am - 11:25 am

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Mark Baker

Too many blog posts and travel articles suffer from either a superficial treatment of the destination or a disconnect with the intended readers. We all know the unsatisfying feeling of reading a thin article built around the “10 Best” things to see in a place, or skimming through a blog post where even the author himself seems to lack conviction or authenticity.

Truly good professional writing is built around a handful of truisms, they must know their subject well, know their readers well, and write from the heart. How do travel writers achieve these aims, particularly given the fact we’re often thrust into situations where we may be writing on unfamiliar ground.

From my presentation, participants will learn the following:

• To become familiar with some of the better examples of long-form travel novels and journals from the past.

• To identify some of the more-effective literary devices for transforming a superficial treatment of a destination into an entertaining and satisfying piece of writing.

• How to structure a blog or a post thematically around character and plot, and to learn to let go of unnecessary detail.

• To familiarise (or reacquaint) oneself with the basic rules of effective communication: such as to write what you know and to write from the heart. Only by following these key rules will your writing succeed in persuading the reader.