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A waterfall backdrop for a Native American love story, snow white tigers roaming with more than 130 other exotic animals, a casual meal snug in a rock canyon, rocketing to the stars at the world’s largest space museum, or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane to skydive through crisp blue southern skies. These are just a few of the surprising sights and unexpected experiences that awaits your visit to North Alabama.
The region embraces the forest shrouded rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains chain and is split east-to-west by the mighty Tennessee River. The river is sliced into four tremendous recreational reservoirs by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) dams to create well-known Guntersville Lake, Wheeler Lake, Wilson Lake, and Pickwick Lake.
This setting provides a knapsack full of natural wonders and recreational experiences to complement our rich heritage destinations, eye-popping festivals, and unforgettable journeys. Let’s take a quick dash through some of the unexpected surprises in North Alabama.
Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the travel and tourism industry within the 16 northernmost counties of the state. AMLA plans and advances the economic welfare of North Alabama by advertising, promoting, and encouraging further development of the natural, historic, and man-made tourist attractions and the recreational facilities and resources of the region through the cooperative efforts and support of its 500+ members.

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