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Visit Marshall County, Alabama to sail, paddle and ski 69,000-acre Lake Guntersville or catch one of the lake’s famous largemouth bass. Created from acres of cotton fields in the 1930s, the reservoir reshaped both the landscape and the economy of a small, North Alabama community. Farmers gave up harvesting crops to work for TVA, and watched as electricity lit the Tennessee Valley.
Now the lake is the county’s top selling product, with tourism driving the economy. And what was once dusty crops has now become an outdoor adventurer’s paradise.
With 20 miles of wooded trails at Lake Guntersville State Park, you can hike or bike for hours. Lose yourself in the serenity of the view from the multi-level decks at the park’s lodge. Catch a sunset or even an eagle in flight.
Venture into any of the four cities that surround the lake for unique shopping and local flavor, whether it be music or conversation. Try a bite of fresh seafood, traditional Southern barbecue or even a little locally grown goodness. Taste a sampling at Jules J. Berta, whose winery is featured on Alabama’s Wine Trail or try the amber ale at Main Channel Brewing Company’s new taproom.
Come to Lake Guntersville with its miles of shoreline and stake your spot; bravely step below the earth’s surface and see the wonders that one cavern holds; climb to the highest peak of a mountain and let the wind and beauty of nature speak to you.
At our little spot on the map, there are bold flavors, bright colors, and an infinite amount of opportunities. Create your own journey; write your story; see the adventure that awaits you in Marshall County, Alabama.


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