Yes, You Can! Shoot, Edit, Produce and Host: Telling Your Stories with Video

Ballroom 1 May 5, 2017 11:45 am - 12:35 pm

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Nikki & Dusty Green


Video is without question the most powerful form of communication in our history. And the reasons are clear: its unprecedented and expanding reach, its ability to elicit action and its ability to convey emotion. Simply put, nothing can capture and convey the real feeling of a place, an interview or an activity better than video. And nothing can establish an emotional, personal, lasting connection with your followers like video can. That is, when it’s done correctly.
In this action-packed session, Nik and Dusty Green, award-winning travel filmmakers and hosts/videographers/editors/producers of the new PBS travel show “Two for the Road” will share their recipe for creating compelling travel videos. From shooting in the field, to choosing the right music, to using on-camera “standups” to advance the story and much more, learn what you can do to take your video storytelling skills to the next level… and establish that kind of emotional personal connection with your audience that only video can provide.


– Learn valuable professional techniques for shooting, editing and producing video content

– Learn the importance of emotion in storytelling and how to drive a narrative with video

– Learn how Nik and Dusty made the leap into broadcast television”