Date & Time: October 3rd, 9am – 3pm
Max Number of Participants: 15
Cost: $150.00 USD (approximately 127 Euros)
Speakers: Bret Love, Mary Gabbett
Location: INEC (room TBA)

Please Note: You will need to find transport to/from this location. Breakfast or lunch is NOT included.

Description: This intensive takes a mastermind-style approach to brand-building, with step-by-step action items and detailed feedback on your brand. Attendees will come away with goal-focused mission statements, taglines, and strategies for content/social media, PR outreach, freelance work, and monetization. We will help develop/refine your branding message, and give inside tips on how to use it in every aspect of your business to achieve success. This workshop is extremely hands-on: You’ll be working on YOUR business plan and objectives, with detailed feedback from thought leaders and peers. Our goal is to give you a blueprint for success: The more work you’re willing to do, the greater the potential rewards.

“In the first 10 minutes I knew this would be a good investment, and I was not disappointed. Not only did I learn a lot about my own voice, I was able to make decisions and get feedback from other participants as well as Bret and Mary. Since implementing their advice I’ve seen a big change in my website and business. I could not more highly recommend this course!” –Amanda Mouttaki of MarocMama & Marrakech Food Tours

“Bret and Mary’s workshop on Branding was one of the smartest financial decisions I’ve made. From focusing my message to community building, from finding my voice as a writer to using it to create a brand, they crafted a tutorial that has helped me redirect my energy into concrete building blocks for growing my site.” –Michael Miszczak of Just A Pack



Going Places – How To Take Your Travel Writing to the Next Level


Date & Time: October 3rd, 9am – 3pm
Max Number of Participants: 15
Cost: $100.00 USD (approximately 85 Euros)
Speakers: Yvonne Gordon, Manchán Magan
Location: INEC (room TBA)

Please Note: You will need to find transport to/from this location. Breakfast or lunch is NOT included.

Description: There are so many travel writers and bloggers, how do you make your writing stand out? If you’d like some help with your writing or how to make your voice heard above the crowd, then join in this full-day travel writing workshop. You’ll get tips on finding your voice, telling great stories and how to really capture places in words. Award-winning travel writers Yvonne Gordon and Manchán Magan will help you work on what you need to take your writing to the next level.

A sample of what the workshop will cover:
– Finding your writing voice and style
– Starting strong, holding the reader’s interest and finishing well
– What makes a story interesting and how to find those stories

This small-group workshop will include plenty of practical writing exercises and you will have all your questions about travel writing answered.

Bios: Manchán Magan is a travel writer and travel documentary-maker. He has written books on his travels in Africa, India and South America and two novels. He has written continually for The Irish Times since 2008, with the Magan ‘s World travel column running for 6 years. He writes travel articles for Cara Magazine, the Sunday Times, and has written travel pieces for the Washington Post, the LA Times and the Guardian.
Irish Travel Writer Of The Year, Yvonne Gordon’s work has been published in The Irish Independent, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Irish Times, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle and among others. She has worked on numerous travel guides and co-wrote ‘DK Eyewitness Travel – Back Roads Ireland’. Awards include Travel Writer Of The Year 2016, the Malta Tourism Authority Press Awards and Travel Photo of The Year 2016 at the Travel Media Awards.



Blogging for Beginners

Date & Time: October 2nd,  1pm – 4:30pm
Max Number of Participants: 15
Cost: $60 (aprox €52 / £46)
Speaker: Heather Cowper
Location: Brehon Hotel (room TBA)

Please Note: You will need to find transport to/from this location. Breakfast or lunch is NOT included.

Description: This half day workshop is aimed at complete beginners – you’ll probably be in your first year of blogging or even planning your blog. The wealth of information on different aspects of blogging can be overwhelming, so we’ll be covering the essentials you need to consider in your first year to get you off to a flying start. The workshop will be a combination of practical information and interactive exercises to help you understand what will work best for your blog. Heather will also offer an opportunity for a 1-2-1 30min review of your blog after the session or during the conference.

We’ll cover:
– Your objectives in starting a blog
– Tips for optimising your wordpress installation
– Identifying your ideal target audience
– The importance of great design
– How to use images effectively
– Finding your writing voice to capture your readers
– Basic SEO to help readers find your blog

Bio: Heather Cowper is a leading UK travel blogger at  bringing 10 year of experience of what works in the fast changing world of blogging and social media. Heather is co-founder of Travelator Media and founder of the Bristol Bloggers and Influencers community in her home town of Bristol, where she runs training sessions in blogging and social media, organising blogger events and campaigns with brands and local businesses.


**Workshop registration is non-refundable**


Sign-up HERE. Space is limited.